November 10, 2003

I have opened the doors of My web site to over 300,000 people as of today, November 10, 2003! 


My web kitty and I have been working on a revamp of the web site...looking towards December- January for the unveiling! I have also placed a new ad in the
Winter Issue of the DDI (Dominatrix Directory International -formerly online at I also appeared in in the October 2003 Issue with a second full interview, including many more pictures, as well as the month of November under the "Ask the Mistress" column. I have also been training a new Mistress to be welcomed into the chambers of Dungeon Femme Fatale where you may make an inquiry for Her to be included in one of My sessions with you. More on My new Mistress as time allows. Madame C is returning very soon towards the middle of November, where She will be available for one on one sessions as well as being included into any of My sessions. Domina Carmen from Dungeon Deydia in Seattle will be available for sessions when She is in town. I'll keep you posted on Her travel schedule and general information. Master David will be also be joining Dungeon Femme Fatale and available for sessions one on one and incorporated into My sessions. Appointments need to be scheduled in advance...

I will be doing some traveling in the future Myself. My plans are to visit Los Angeles and San Francisco where I will be available for sessions with you in your city as a guest Domina in one of several dungeons I have been invited to use. I am also in the process of getting a digital camera where I will be able to post more pictures on the web site. Look forward to trampling, foot worship, play piercing the ball sack, medical interventions, mummifications and any other little quirky thing I have up My sleeve...

So...LIFE is good and growth is occurring. Share the next year with Me, My doors are always open...

As always...and ever will be,

M Sharina

June 24, 2003

It looks like this month is going to have very little writings from Moi...but you will be hearing from me shortly after PRIDE week when I give you the details <as well as slave mike who will be to speak> of the demonstrations I have done at The Minneapolis Eagle and The Bolt. I am so looking forward to it!

With any luck, the weather will behave, but one never knows in the Twin Cities...I have seen it rain, hail, snow and shine all in the course of a day. Sooooo, pictures will be posted, if all goes well.

A little update about Dungeon Femme Fatale...My birthing chair will be lacquer black and will take on quite an evil look, as if it isn't diabolical enough already, or maybe it's ME! The panic room is almost finished and My slave from LA has been quite wonderful with helping me with several projects and upgrades. Be prepared to be pinned down mercilessly and the object of My whims. The transformation room is also in the process of being complete although painting the walls a pretty pink, might just be the trick! I have been collecting all sorts of things wherever I can find them. Mostly lingerie and heels, but am moving more towards clothing and corsets! 

I would like to thank My gracious hc slave <aforementioned> for the Erostek electro box. I now have gadgets galore and all you electro sluts may request a little buzz right through your cock all the way to your bottom. I also have the cock board attachment which is KILLER. My hc slave was My guinea pig from the start. I strapped him down to the OB-GYN medical table where we experimented with the intensity levels. So far, My hc slave wins the prize for volts taken...Well, he does understand electricity and electricity seems to like him <evil grin> I have yet to see anyone take as much as My hc slave...bless his heart! What a wonderful gift. <sigh>

More goodies to come, I'll keep you posted...

A word about PRIDE:

Love and kisses to those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered during HAPPY PRIDE week <and always...> The struggle to be accepted in a world full of judgments throughout the years has been seemingly long, but little by little understanding replaces judgment and acceptance takes the place of intolerance. We must all choose to live in this world together peacefully and this includes accepting those who are straight. "Spread the love," I always say...

Celebrate those who have risked everything to be who they are and say a prayer for those who are still in hiding. Life IS a journey and a very personal journey at that. Celebrate the victories and reach out to those who are still on the other side. 

Patti Austin sings... 

We're all in this together
there isn't any doubt
We're all in this together
there's no one we can do without

So with that, I leave return ahhhhh but a short time. Hold your breath My darlings, but certainly not too long. Smile and say "Happy PRIDE!"


M Sharina

May 19, 2003

I have just finished downloading the Mr S catalog to my computer and I am now in desperate need of one of those clip-on fan's over my desk! Antonio looks absolutely fabulous...I would have to say that he is the epitome of the perfect leather boy. If you held him upside down or threw him over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes, he would still look good. There isn't anything he doesn't wear on any part of his body that doesn't strike me as something I would not want to buy. Not only because he makes everything look so good, but because it is good, quality, hands down, top of the line stuff. <someone get me an inhaler> 

I have seen this catalog many times before as when I visited Mr S in San Francisco about 4 years ago, I purchased one for viewing. What was nice was that I was also sent catalog supplements and updates to their store in conjunction with having the catalog. I have to tell you that the ease in viewing the catalog online is tremendous! It is possible to flip through it fast and search individual categories. 

Mr S is very well known all over the world when it comes to quality leather and latex as well as a bevy of S/M products that are simply unique and long-lasting. That is why I have
chosen Mr S as My Mistress gift registry. In the future, I will be searching for items from the catalog that Mr S will keep on file. Of course a gift certificate of any denomination is always welcome...

Over the years, I have been asked on many occasions if there was something someone could send to me because they were too far away for a session, but wanted to give me something for the appreciation they had for me. There have also been many occasions where someone wished to bring me something that I would want in addition to their tribute for their session. I tried to keep it simple and asked them to bring a fine merlot, chardonnay or champagne, which they did, as well as gifting me with an additional monetary gift. But I have heard it expressed that knowing what their Mistress would want or need for the dungeon is something that would make them feel like they belonged more to my world.
Now that I have a place of my own, it makes more sense to have a list of these things available. Before having my own dungeon space, I didn't feel it as necessary and chose not to have a registry. I think this is because in not having my own space, it made it more difficult to transport certain things, and it just made it easier to work with what I had and to collect the little things on my own. 

When I was using the Wrapture Dungeon in Saint Paul, I had three big bins to lock and store my things in. But it was difficult to keep some of these things cared for properly...things like my web kitty's latex sleep sac which I used while he was living here in Minnesota, but I had to store it in my closet at home in order to care for it. The vac bed, same thing. Now, I have a place to keep everything and I'm looking forward to
creating a little D/sneyland for those that can visit me and for those that can't, I will be happy to tell you about it in detail in the Bizarre Life Diaries page of my web site. I revel in writing about my diabolical experiences and about some of my evil little escapades...

My plan is to have toys that can tweek a session into oblivion and put you right on the
edge of insanity...<like you haven't been there already...> But certain things at my disposal do give the scene a little more juice. 

I also plan on generating a tribute for giving you something in return for those of you who are fetish collectors and have a particular fetish for one thing or another. One of my ideas is to create a way to have some of my photos available, either singular or in group distribution. I have several ideas in which to do this. So look for items from me that you can purchase in the future and please let me know if there are any items you might find of exquisite interest. 

Oh! One more thing,
I now have a birthing chair. This is quite a nice apparatus. While sitting in it <or being strapped to it, while your legs are cradled and held open wide> there is a feeling of having everything open up and me. I am quite pleased to have my own birthing chair as I have experienced playing with this same chair in Amanda Wildefyre's dungeon on many occasions. Now I will have to find a new place for the cross to go downstairs. Perhaps somewhere in the panic room! 

transformation room is coming along nicely as well. It will be a challenge watching you walk like a lady up those carpeted stairs in high stiletto heels!

As I continue to see My world enlarge, I experience a sense of peace. All is right with the world...See you in My dreams!

M Sharina

May 15, 2003

I strapped him down tightly to the medical table like a helpless tied little calf. The suspension cuffs around his wrists were strapped on tightly and his arms were tethered to the back of the medical table up and over his head. I spread each of his legs wide as I placed each foot in a padded stirrup. Each foot was bound tightly with shrink wrap so movement was strained and quite impossible. I walked into the bathroom and ran some warm water. The opening of the enema bag gaped as I squeezed the packet of Castile inside. Running the warm water through the opening, I could see nice soap bubbles forming. The bag was noticeably heavy. As I walked back into the room and placed the bag above the table, my eyes lit up to see such a powerless sight...With my gloved fingers slippery with lubrication, I rubbed the outside of my victim's rectum. Not so much that he could feel my finger go inside, but just teasingly enough to anticipate my finger plunging in. I teased and played until taking him by complete surprise, I slid my finger into his bottom. It was as if he was being violated. "Nice, very nice...but just to make certain you are all nice and sparkly clean for me to do whatever I please with you, I am going to administer a well deserved enema!" As I introduced a nice clear tube filled with water into my victim's rectum, I began to slowly release the water...I watched the water run through the tube as his body took all of the warm liquid inside. "There...all done." I watched as his eyes looked up at me with a helpless and pathetic gaze. I pretended not to notice that he was feeling a bit uncomfortable and probably ready to panic. Imagine, he was tethered to the table mercilessly! "Mistress?" My pathetic and helpless little slave begged. "Yes darling, what is it? Feeling a little uncomfortable?" I retorted. "Yes Mistress...may I be released so I may expel my enema?" "Why certainly," retorting back. "Let's see, I know those scissors are around here somewhere. Now you are going to have to hold your water until I find the scissors to cut your feet out of the stirrups....oh, and untie your wrists from the restraints!" "Yes Mistress..." he nervously spouted. "Why, here are those scissors!" As I cut his feet out of the stirrups, I reminded him to keep control of himself. "Hold it, until I am ready to let you out completely." "Yes Mistress!" he so desperately whined. As I walked behind him, I could see little beads of sweat forming on his face and dripping down the sides of his ears. "That's right! Keep holding it!" "Yes Mistress!" "Okay darling, now you can you go!" I watched my little victim trample off to the bathroom, and not even with the sense of mind to shut the door, gushed out this rather huge stream of water! I giggled as I went about my business of putting out a fresh towel and tidying up the area. I had something even more evil in mind...

I allowed time for my slave to recline once again on the medical table to perform my required task of fellating my latex cock. I crawled up on top of him and showed him my lovely cock. "Suck my cock slave!" 

That was all very well and good, but I had other plans...I brought my slave to a standing position and had him lean over the medical table. As he did, I moved his legs further apart and brought his testicles out and put them through the hole of a device called "The Humbler." This device is called the humbler because there is no possible way you can stand straight up while it is attached to you. Further, your balls are being stretched down and at the same time with another part of the apparatus, being crushed. It is all very pretty to me and quite lovely to see such a demonstration of weakness. Sooooooo, I decided to bend my helpless victim over and violate it with my cock! I didn't use my latex cock, but a silicone strap-on cock with a vibrating egg inside so I could feel pleasure while my slave was being violated and used. 

If you had been a fly on the wall...and it looks as if you have, this was the breaking in of my new dungeon space, Dungeon Femme Fatale. Nothing like breaking in a new play space with rendering your slave almost unconscious by putting him through a rigor of procedures. Besides, it was for his own good, not to mention it was worth a few good giggles for me as well...

I'm all moved in thanks to the most wonderful crew of friends and a couple of slaves. Personally speaking, I would like to thank everyone who was in contribution to me that day and every day after the move to make sure everything got handled, as well as making certain I didn't go stark raving mad because of it. As a matter of fact, it was one of the most smoothest moves I have ever experienced. I would have to say that I am blessed with the most wonderful and gracious people in my life!

A special thank you goes out to my slave mike for going above and beyond the call of duty. Then again, isn't that what a great slave is for anyway? The move was organized and moved swift! slave mike is a constant reminder of loyalty, dedication and unconditional servitude. I hope I will never know what it's like not to have him be in service to Me. 

Many thanks go out to:

slave mike
Mike S
Ryan <with a little touch of Madalynn>
Quamar and beautiful friend
Madame C

...and to Master Paul who always keeps me grounded in the here and now whether I like it or not!

Last, but not least...although my loyal pet familiar was not with me for the move, he was with me in spirit as without his contributions of dungeon equipment, Dungeon Femme Fatale wouldn't be as brilliant.

I have been enjoying the creation of sessions at Dungeon Femme Fatale. There are so many ways in which to work the space. Let me describe it to you. The dungeon is equipped with a Medical Asylum Room that contains an OB-GYN medical table. This medical table is brand new and very wide and padded. It is equipped with electricity so I can plug anything into it. Including you.

There is a dental chair that reclines all the way back <this is a very stylish piece of equipment, and quite heavy. It took five males to carry her in...> Mike S is looking into having the hydraulic fluid replaced, but it works like a charm just as it is. The arm rests can be moved so they are completely out of the way.

The corporal Punishment Room has two heavy Mr S steel cages. One is a stand up cage complete with four doors. The doors are used to render certain parts of the body vulnerable to my torture...your head, chest and genitals, legs and backside may all be available to me through the cage doors when opened separately or all at once. The second cage is a rather large puppy cage. I could fit two people inside. I like the way the door sounds when I close it. I will be using this as a buffet table complete with a slave inside for My dungeon warming party.

I have a St. Andrew's cross that is in the process of completion which I am having a platform made and then it will be tethered securely to the wall.

I have had a very nice bondage table made by Sergeant Major. It is complete with rope tethers on the sides as well as rings at the head and foot. I had it made with extra large dimensions so I could crawl all over it without fear of falling off while my subject was strapped down tightly to it. It is about 6 feet in length so it can hold above average in height slaves. It is very well padded.

The ambulance gurney I use in lowered height. Closer to the floor I can use my slave as a furniture pad...It wheels around effortlessly and is quite comfortable considering it is normally used to throw people into an ambulance and then wheel them out! 

Downstairs is what slave mike calls "The Panic Room." The walls are white and the floor is gray. There is one light bulb hanging from the ceiling. I have put a futon on the floor and screw bolts will be put into the floor so I can strap someone down to it for a while or even for an entire evening. I have this idea to put a little stool in the corner with a hangman's noose swinging from the ceiling...I also have in mind to replace the door with one that has a glory hole and a spot where a food tray could be passed through. I would also say, the Panic Room could be used as an interrogation room. There are so many possibilities.

I have a room downstairs for male to female transformations. A bed will be set up as well as a vanity table with mirror. This room can be used for dressing and picking out clothing. Although I must say, I like the lighting in the Medical Room for putting on the make-up. I also have a huge trunk that could be used for confinement as well as a place for electroshock therapy. I have always dreamed of having my latex cat inside the trunk at the foot of my bed hooked up to a myriad of electrodes. Lying in bed I could listen to him thump up against the walls as he is being shocked. Who needs TV? Speaking of TV, I have a TV hooked up to satellite. I have latex videos and some German pornography. Funny, but you don't have to speak the language to know when someone is in pain from a relentlessly sadistic dominatrix!

I must admit, I have felt something shift in Me personally. There is something very liberating about being in control of One's own life and destiny. Well, as sure as One can be in control omitting natural disasters and worldwide calamity! My plan is to be in this space for as long as it serves me and then to move on to something bigger. I dream of a high ceiling warehouse where the suspension system that Master Paul gifted to me can be installed. I miss that suspension system very much. I loved the sound of the motor as it hoisted the heaviest of bodies. That suspension system hoisted the large puppy cage with a 250 pound body riding on top of it. BUT...when something disappears, there is something to replace it. I have been able to learn how to do things differently. That's how toothpaste was found to remove stains from delicate surfaces...Someone happened to see the toothpaste on the counter next to the stain and reached for it because there wasn't anything else and whallah! Stain removed. 

There are so many things I would love to have now. But you know, all in good time. I have been blessed with things given to me and I have also collected many things on my own...but not having everything I want allows me to create some of the same sensations without having what it is I really want. 

Before the space at Dungeon Femme Fatale could be completely organized to play in, I had clients call me who had seen me before asking for a session. I would say that I could book a session, but thought it would be better to wait until the dungeon space was a little bit better put together as I was at that point planning the move, or had just moved in. I was surprised to find that they didn't care. They wanted a session with their Mistress, and that's what was important to them, than having the perfect dungeon space or equipment that was packed away. So I guess what I learned here is that everything else is just icing on the cake.

I have had people give me monetary gifts which has been a dream...I can't tell you how many incidentals I have needed over the past month. I have also been asked by clients what would I like for a dungeon warming present. I usually grin wide and mention Mr S Fetters for a gift certificate...So! If you would like to gift your Mistress with something special for My dungeon....or My My birthday is blazing a trail to My door as we speak May 29th! Then please shower Me with Mr S Gift certificates!!!!! <in any denomination...there is no gift too small>

I ran into a very nice man at Mr S the last time I was visiting Los Angeles. I was with My hc slave. Not only have I seen this man in the Mr S catalogs, but there he was in flesh and blood right there behind a little desk in the back of the store. The only reason I happened to notice him was that he looked up and commented on the top I was wearing. It had these little crisscross ties where the bosom lies and of course I looked fabulous. Plus, I always wear Vivienne Westwood dusting powder so I was literally sparkling. Anyway, if you are ever in Los Angeles or need to call or e-mail Mr S... <wink wink> just ask for Antonio Ferrelli. Antonio is the store manager there at Mr S in LA. He sent his best wishes to me when My hc slave was shopping there for a dungeon warming gift <I know what it is...I'm jumping for JOY! Electroshock therapy here I come!> Antonio sent me a leather rose and a Mr S catalog I can download to my computer with a very lovely note. Mr S is located on the Internet by this web address: Mail orders can be made by dialing 1-800-746-7677. 

Please send all gifts to: 
Sharina Nicole 
P.O.Box 1427
Minnetonka, MN 55345

If you are able to receive something in return, I will be happy to send you an autographed picture, or a personal item I have worn...

I know it's been ages since I wrote a diary page, but I have been truly overwhelmed with things to do. I was lucky to find a space quickly and then planning the move seemed to be a cinch...but when Master Paul moved to San Francisco, that took a lot of emotional strength for me. He is such a good friend and partner it was difficult seeing him drive off into the sunset. But one good thing, he has a room for me in his house which I plan on visiting often. I am also looking for some dungeon spaces to use while in SF. It's all good. Now he is settled <well except for the unpacking> and I am settling in...and spring is here!

Cheers to new experiences for us both and to many new ways in which to render you helpless with sadistic torture. It is amazing to me when I look down and see what I have created...

In Gratitude,

M Sharina

PS Look for another Diary Entry within the week about the Midwest Fetish Event!

April 2, 2003

As you may well know, spring is as good as being here despite the weather in some areas of the world...As I type this at my computer, I can hear the little birdies outside the window chirping. 

I am very
excited about an event that will be right here in Minnesota called Mid West Fetish. This is a conference that will be taking place at the end of this week, April 4 and continuing on until Sunday, April 6. Please go to their web site for further information: The event I will be attending is the Spring Sting. 

It is nice to see a conference so close to home with such well known speakers from other parts of our world. I am looking forward to the experience!
Join me if you can...

M Sharina

April 1, 2003

Today is not only April Fools' Day, but is also the day I will be taking over my new dungeon space! I am very excited about it. Seems like a lot of wonderful things are happening and I would love to share them with you. I can't say April Fool's Day provokes any particular jokes out of this Mistress, mostly because I play them all year round. You know...<wink> when I pretend to be an incompetent Mistress who needs a nap, all the while preparing my victim to be restrained in my favorite chair...unbeknownst to him that as soon as he is restrained firmly, the tables will of course turn...<evil grin> I suddenly come alive and look him square in the eyes and announce that he will be the star of My very own snuff film. I proceed to gag him while he struggles with a penis gag, and as I tie up his cock and balls and connect the rope to the suspension system I torture him with cigarettes. Just to name a few things...Where was I? Oh yes, April Fools' Day...Quite frankly, it's like every other day of the year!

Hence the new dungeon space...I have known the name for quite some time now and have chosen it carefully. This is what happens when you crystallize your thinking. Your dreams become a reality! When the name does not serve me, I will change it. You must know how We Gemini's think. We flitter about making up our minds as we go along. There are times when we are quite clear and other times when we don't care so much about the clarity, only that we have some fun. You can tell by the way the eyes sparkle when at last we are fulfilled with entertainment and amusement!

Main Entry: femme fa•tale
Pronunciation: "fem-f&-'tal, "fam-, -'täl
Inflected Form(s): plural
femmes fa•tales /-'tal(z), -'täl(z)/ 
Etymology: French, literally, disastrous woman
Date: 1912
1 :
a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations 
2 :
a woman who attracts men by an aura of charm and mystery 

Hence the name of My dungeon is

This describes me to a tee. It is by good nature and God given that
I am charming and filled with mystery. To say that I lure men into dangerous <or compromising> situations is putting it mildly. Those who find themselves in my midst realize that face to face, a spell is about to be cast and willingly they fall victim to it. I must say that although I can be quite disarming, it is that underlying quality of sadistic charm that in the end proves to be an invitation not worth rejecting...Such a wonderful process, this seduction...finding yourself in my clutches and succumbing to my whim. It is really quite natural. 

This month will prove to be awe-inspiring when I see what can be accomplished. The move is planned at the end of the month so I will be using Master Paul's dungeon space until about the end of April. After that, I will have an entire space dedicated to
My special torture chambers. Overnight sessions may be allowed if I find you are amusing, and the proclivities of your fetishes are compatible with My own. Ask my latex pet if he liked Me turning him into a mouse...

I invite you to walk into My world...
what you dream is your reality.

M Sharina

March 13, 2003

Lucky to be second things are fine and the next, SNAP! I was driving down the street minding my own business when suddenly, I was trying to avoid hitting a car that illegally swerved right in front of me. At least I had my wits about me. I like to think that calm, cool control is always part of my way of being. I immediately called the police, got out my proof of insurance and then called my dear friend Master Paul, who arrived just in time while the feelings of brain scrambling shock started to hit me. I swallowed a few Motrin <thank goodness> and then when the dust settled, he took me to the emergency room. Just a little check to make certain things weren't as bad as they felt. I sat in a hospital room with one of those absolutely fabulous dressing gowns and sat on the edge of the bed because it hurt too much to try and lie down. I sat there and stared at the pretty wall paper. I don't think it had any pattern on it really, just sort of a mesmerizing haze to get lost in. I'm sure the nurse said, "Put that one in room 202, the room with the fantasy wallpaper..." Shock is a funny thing. It's something you really have to give into and ride out. The body is amazing and I know I've said this a million times before, but our bodies react the way it does for a reason. I'm not sure what the accident did exactly, but part of it must have been the adrenaline surging through me. I was in a fog, but my mind was perfectly clear. I almost couldn't stop talking. Anyway, while sitting alone in the room with the fantasy wallpaper and no one to talk to, I started to fantasize about a pretty nurse walking into the room. She would of course look exactly like Amanda Wildefyre. Amanda has the most commanding persona. Tall, elegant stance, long legs, and a beautiful neck. She has this nurses outfit that looks absolutely amazing on her...Tight fitting white and red corset with these sheer white stockings and heels. It's a miracle she can find stockings to fit such long legs! She comes into my room and would like to take my temperature. I, of course, open my mouth and as my mouth closes over the thermometer, I can't help but notice her cleavage. She notices my stare and tells me I will have to be moved to another room...this room will never do! She says I have to be moved because the type of therapy I will need is in the room down the hall. So off we go. The lights are out in this room and she explains to me that she will need to find her electrician...the man with the gas mask. She leads me into this room...this dark room...this VERY dark room and placed me in the middle of it. I find myself sitting in a chair that feels quite like an exotic throne. The cold steel texture feels good against my body and as I sink into the chair, I realize I'm being raised. Well, It seems the electricity is working in the chair...I hear the clicking of her heels as she walks across the room. The clicking echoes loudly. She tries flipping the switch, but all I see are these sudden bursts of light. The light shines on her statuesque frame as I can faintly see her standing squarely in front of me. Hips angled, one knee bent and foot pointed. She has something in her hand. The light flashes out and I see nothing. I hear her lovely heels clicking on the floor and realize she is coming towards me...I see another bright flash of light, and this time I can see exactly what she has in her hand. She is holding up a rather large needle! Out of the shiny needle tip squirts clear fluid that shoots in an arc. Before I can move, she pins me to the chair with her body and as another flash of light brightens the room, she pushes the needle into my thigh! The lights go out once again and I'm suddenly paralyzed...but VERY much awake! I can't move and I can't speak! I hear myself breathe and as the sound begins to mesmerize me, another flash of light! All I can see in the 3 second flash of light is her beautiful lips in a red lipstick smile. As the light goes off, I hear her laugh a most diabolical laugh...The light flashes again, and I can see her standing before a table. On the table are many things, but I can't quite see all of the things so I wait for the light to flash again! Each time the light flashes my eyes are fed with more information...disturbing information. These are the things she will use on me! She will use them and no one will ever know, because I cannot use my voice to scream! I see the electrodes and I hear the blades of an electric saw...I see speculums in different sizes, rubber gloves and a large enema bag! She has plaster casting and tubing! Rolls of medical tubing and different gauged needles! As my mind became paralyzed with uncertainty and curiosity...I hear another voice. It was a sudden interruption. It was the voice of my doctor. She came in as if it must have been a pleasure for me to wait for her all this time. I opened my eyes and realized I was back in room 202...the room with the fantasy wallpaper. The doctor proceeded to ask me questions and then talk over me while I tried to answer them. <sigh> As I painfully leaned over to put my clothes back on, I couldn't help but wonder what Nurse Amanda had in store for me...I suppose I'll never know, unless of course I am back in room 202 with the fantasy wallpaper...<GRIN>

February 14, 2003

What have you created for yourself so far in this New Year my darlings? Have all your dreams come true? Keep pressing forward and remember: Always be open to POSSIBILITY! 

While you're at it, spread the LOVE along the way. I am asking
My slaves in service to perform one Random Act of Kindness on Valentine's Day. This means that the receiver shall NEVER know who bestowed upon them such kindness. Use your brain and pick your target My slave for just one moment today and put a smile on my face by e-mailing me to let me know how you were in service and to whom. This will be your gift to me today this Valentine's Day...

Mistress Sharina

February 13, 2003

My web kitty has added a new link to the top of my links list. Mistress Diamond's PASSION MAGAZINE is an online publication dedicated to connecting you with the most extraordinary Mistresses all over the world as well as providing much needed information on the Leather Lifestyle and all of it's splendor. Mistress Diamond has dedicated this online magazine to Female Domination. It is in my opinion that she is blessed with the ability to communicate openly in turn drawing the fetish community together as a whole...

I would like to invite you to be part of this new and wonderful world. Explore and take a journey. Click on the
PASSION MAGAZINE link at the top of my links page. Once inside, and to the left of the page, click on "Dominas." There, you will find my ad under "United States of America." You can also go directly to my ad by clicking"Here". In March <if all goes well> you will be able to view my Interview with Mistress Diamond. I have gone into great detail about myself and my lifestyle as a Dominatrix. There will be quite a few new photos for you to see there as well.

I must say that
Mistress Diamond is quite an extraordinary Lady. She is talented beyond just her brilliant words...She carries the essence of loving interconnectedness. Her ability to articulate her thoughts and intention is remarkable and I am blessed and grateful to have her in my life. 

It is truly wonderful to experience the dynamic of having a kindred spirit to share my lifestyle with. It always amazes me how different and unique we all are. It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of
PASSION MAGAZINE and see our world come closer and closer together because there are pioneers like Mistress Diamond to light the way.

M Sharina

January 22,  2003 

All through the holidays a thought kept popping into my mind, maybe you're familiar with it. It goes like this: Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence...Like an angel of words appearing in my mind to calm my nerves during the rough spots of the holiday season, this is where my tired mind went for solace. Well, actually, the thought came to me...

Speaking of angels, I do believe that odd things like that occur because we have a desire to have our needs met. Often times, we receive messages through such things as something we overhear. Maybe we hear a song over the radio, see a line in a book, a comment in an elevator from someone we will never see again ...or maybe it was posed as a question from a child. However these messages appear to us, they are specifically designed for us to use and apply to our life. Be aware and
open your mind to listen...

That is my wish for you in our
New Year of 2003. The reason my thoughts are so philosophical is because everything changes. Even things we thought would never change ever, change. That's part of the continuum of life. Our growth never stops even when we are in resistance to it. Look for the open doors...and then walk through it. The lessons are waiting on the other side.

I have an opportunity to explore having
my very own dungeon space. Of course with every new venture there are risks. It is my intention to weigh the benefits as well as the risks and come to a conclusion. My struggle to piece it together comes in the form of finances. But I know that if it's meant to be...the door will swing wide open. I'm just waiting for the neon sign over the door that says: "What the hell are you waiting for?!" I can't tell you how excited I am at the prospect and the possibility of having my own dungeon. Truthfully, I see it as a church with the belief systems of a different type of religion. Whatever happens will be perfect and of course all the lessons will be there waiting. Isn't life great? Full of change and possibilities!

So what experiences will you create in this New Year for yourself? What lessons are you willing to learn? I look at life in terms of what lessons are learned through
BDSM. Of course, sometimes this is just a fun thing for a person to do for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Other times, useful tools can be gleaned through BDSM as the catalyst. Rigor and commitment is incorporated and sometimes we even manage to come to terms with childhood issues as a result of the experiences we have through BDSM. I suppose it's more about rites of passage when one has actually walked through the door and right through the lesson...

I am the Mistress of your experience. The High Priestess and Goddess who will lovingly lead you through to your own special path of learning, even if being sadistic is required. 

Cheers to another great New Year...and for what lies ahead.

In spirit and life,
Mistress Sharina Nicole

* Deserata is a writing found in Old St. Paul's Church Baltimore, Maryland circa 1692. Writer unknown. Such an unconditional gift...