April 7, 2004

Has it been a year since I claimed possession of Dungeon Femme Fatale?!!!!!!?!!?!! AMAZING year! I have so much to go over here. It has been too long since I connected with you. I suppose that's what happens when cloning is impossible.

San Francisco was a blast and I met some wonderful people. SF is truly one of my favorite places, mostly because this is where Sharina Nicole was born.

Where to start? I'll begin with the Vinyl Queen. This woman is very beautiful which strikes me as rather odd given she had an entire day of sessions before she graciously opened the door to her dungeon and welcomed us in. The beautiful porcelain skinned beauty stepped up to the proverbial plate for something we both love...trampling.

As you know, My trampling champion and I were there for his dream session. His dream was to have a session with his two most favorite Mistresses. I was flown to SF with First Class accommodations which began my trip with a sigh of relief as the "Head Mistress" of the cabin offered me a drink. < A drink? Why don't you sit on My lap?> Okay, I'll settle for the Cabernet...

The flight was a dream and from there Mitch drove us to where I would be staying for the remainder of my trip, with Master Paul. He has two dogs as I have mentioned before. Tag is a German Sheppard and Rotweiler mix and Rose is a Boxer. They are a little scary if you don't know them....they are mush in my hands. TREATS! anyone?

German Sheppard Rotweiler mixed breed dog named Tagas Boxer dog named Rosie

I gave them both kisses and threw them a treat, and brought Mitch into the room I would be staying in. I told him to lie down as the urge to stand on him was overpowering me. As I began to trample him...I was embalmed with a new surge of energy. Nothing too strenuous as I wanted to leave a lot for both myself and the Vinyl Queen, but then again, I know Mitch very well. I have been seeing him for over 8 years now. By now, I know exactly what he is made of and just what it takes to see his brains seeping through his head...

The session was due for a Saturday evening, so Mitch took me out for dinner and with a little sake pain killer, we were on our way to see the famed Vinyl Queen. She has a very nice dungeon space. I'm not sure if I saw the entire space or what, but we used two rooms, one she referred to as the "soft" room and the other, the "hard" room.

We began in the soft room where there are tall, full length mirrors on the closets which is where she wanted to begin. Both of us spread out some heels and started trying them on only to step up onto our rug...jumping a little, slipping toes into the mouth and a bit of heel grinding. Mitch was frankly scared to death! Why, I don't know...I would have to say that since anxiety and excitement are the same emotion, he was probably a little confused. Must have been the sake.

We spent a little time in the soft room to venture out into the hard room which is where the Vinyl Queen has some wonderful pieces of equipment. I remember a Mr S standup cage, a bondage table with a cage built underneath, and a suspension system in the middle of the room. I'm sure there was more, but I was a little distracted...She also has this wonderful red velvet throne which fits her personality perfectly.

Mitch was placed in the middle of the room under the suspension system where three of us ladies managed to share this soon to be tormented body. Bambi was there...muscular, and very beautiful legs. Mitch was dead meat. I just love it when he screams! All three of us trampled him for about an hour. Truth be told, I had brought some of my most deadly heels which I didn't even have an opportunity to use!

The session concluded with the use of Mitch's trample table. He brought it as a gift for the Vinyl Queen. He hid it in a suitcase...personally, I wanted to see his balls nailed to it! Maybe next time...he heals up quite nicely.

The Vinyl Queen has been gracious, promising to send the pictures of the session as well as the video. I will post some of the pictures...maybe 8 to 12. The rest, you will be able to see by visiting her site www.VinylQueen.com and clicking on: UPDATES. I suggest you enjoy membership to her site...it's well worth it.

Stay tuned and as soon as I get them, you will see them...the pictures will be posted in the gallery...

While out in SF, I also met up with a Mistress Chun Jae-Min. Although I didn't know her very well, I got to know her a little more while in SF. She took me shopping and we had the most delightful dinner at some Thai Restaurant very close to Madame and Mr S Leather. Her web site (formerly) www.mistresschunjaemin.com AND, if you would like an interesting session...She has been trained by some of the best, Cleo Dubois for One. Remarkably, she has the most EVIL GIGGLE! Please take the time to contact her for a professional session. She is very creative...

Years ago, when I was first in the scene, it was suggested that I contact Kaye Buckley while visiting SF. Well, I did. At the time, Kaye had a very busy schedule, but managed to make a little time for me to stop by, see her dungeon and chat for a while. I was with Master Paul at the time and she was so wonderful. I would consider her one of those "Sister Mistresses" who are open, loving, and well connected. A true sister domina who relates well with other dominas in a very empowering way. Anyway, she didn't remember me, it was so long ago...but we were able to connect. Although her place had changed, it was like opening up my scrap book and seeing a bit of my history in living color.

I of course did some shopping and spent over a thousand dollars. Mostly at Madame and Mr S. I collected some singular latex arm binders as well as a leather pair, some vibrating things and silicone dildos from Good Vibrations and some invasive anal devices. The proctoscope is about two feet long. Some electrical goodies to go with my Erostek...butt plug, vaginal plug...and a long leather rod with a metal inset that has straps like a belt at the end. I'm sure there's something I am missing, but all in all the shopping was very good!

I E-mailed Cleo Dubois before my trip and she responded in kind. It always amazes me when someone as BUSY as Cleo finds time to E-mail back. She mentioned that she was hosting an event for Mistresses, but I was unable to make it given my tight schedule. The event was planned for after my trip and I already had commitments. Mr S was sponsoring an annual Fetish Ball I was sadly unable to attend as well. Maybe next year!

Please visit Cleo's site at: www.cleodubois.com

All in all, it was a great trip!

Glad to be home, but usually I take a couple of days off after a trip. I had several sessions scheduled in advance upon my arrival home, and the first succession of sessions are always great.

My future plans include another trip to San Francisco. I have been invited by Master James who is on the board to be a mentor at the annual Levi Leather weekend. I will keep you posted as the time draws near, but that event is in August. I will be bringing slave mike with me for a trampling demonstration...

Things are going great and I am happy to be alive! I am truly lucky to have some really amazing people in my life. I count my blessings and stand in admiration.

M Sharina


January 7, 2004

I would like to wish everyone a VERY Happy New Year and trust that the holidays treated you well! If the last month of 2003 is a hint as to what 2004 will be like, it will be a spectacular year! I am very blessed to have such generous and wonderful people in my life...I trust you will be here with me as well throughout the year creating a wonderful journey for yourself in the process.

I have a wonderful announcement to make! I would like to welcome
Mistress Suzanne, formerly with Wrapture, to Dungeon Femme Fatale. She will be available for one on one sessions when she returns from her trip from Jamaica after January 19. Please look for her pictures and Bio soon!

Well, the current
Domination Directory International <DDI> is out and has my first ad included on page 86! If you don't have your copy, I will be sending away for copies for you to obtain. Please reserve as soon as possible as I will have 12 copies left, and 8 are already on reserve.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the copy of my current ad:

Copy of Sharina Nicole ad from 2004

Best wishes for the NEW YEAR ahead of us! My wish is that you receive the love that you give in return...

As always and ever will be...
In light and love,

M Sharina