Sharina Nicole Conducts Trampling Workshop for MSDB's

I had a very wonderful time giving my workshop on one of my favorite passions... TRAMPLING! The evening began with me asking a few questions like, How many people in the audience know absolutely nothing about trampling? (quite a few hands go up) How many of you have some experience in trampling? (not many hands go up) How many of you just came to watch someone get pummeled by a woman in heels? (quite a few hands went up on that last question!)

I enjoyed talking about my first experience with trampling. Reminiscing about the old days at Wrapture when Mistress Jacquie called me with the possibility of a session with someone who was into "trampling". At the time I knew nothing about it, and as time went on, I would form a lovely trampling relationship with one "trampleguy" and I would learn so many things throughout the years. In fact, I would say that Mitch is the one I favor when it comes to having someone under my feet and heels. The wonderful energy we share is very cool.

I also passed some of my custom made heels around the room so people could feel the ends of the heels and what kinds of marks they would groove into the skin. I brought my infamous strappy sandals with the special assortment of screw-on heels. I load the heels on like bullets in a gun. Of course I brought several of the BZ heels as well as the annihilators and the 5 point crown shredders.
My first demonstration was for beginners and novices to trampling. My slave mike was under my feet and heels for this one. I taught people how to begin trampling if they have little to no experience and are heavier than the person they are trampling. People were amazed at how absolutely anyone could enjoy trampling no matter what their weight or experience.
My next demonstration was about standing on my slave's chest and then subtly bouncing and jumping...and then I put on a pair of heels. The audience gasped and giggled.

Sharina Nicole Conducts Trampling Workshop for MSDB's

My next demonstration included some audience participation. I had another Mike lie down on the matt while asking two men and one woman to come up. I had the woman standing on Mike's chest with the two men on either side of her for balance. I then asked another group to come up, and another and another...until there were about 600 plus pounds standing on Mike all at once! I then announced that I was going to stand on Mike's face, adding a good total of about 720! I perched and then began to hop with small little jumps on his face. What fun...It didn't seem like any of the ladies wanted to step off of Mike!

I demonstrated throat trampling, face smothering and face slapping. I also ran through some of the safety aspects of trampling and what to look out for as well as areas to avoid.
I took quite a long Q and A period before ending the evening and just before it had completely ended, I explained what the numbers on their chairs were meant for. At the beginning of the evening I had my slave place on every chair a colorful graphic of the trampling ad that was on my web site with a number on every sheet. I drew out a corresponding number from a shoe box to announce the winner of a free session from me in my Dungeon Femme Fatale! A very nice man named William won, so I will look forward to inviting him to my special play space for a session.
After the demonstration was over, Mike stayed on the matt while ladies came up and took him for a little spin। It was a wonderful evening and I was very happy to have had Chargerpony and MSDB's "The Lab" invite me to give this workshop on something I love so much!