Mistress Bettina ThorneUPDATE: Bettina Thorne was such an amazing lady and quite talented in many ways. She is also known as Betty LaRude, for the North Star Roller Girls, a classic Roller Derby Queen!

 Mistress Bettina has quite a striking appearance. She literally shines...I met Mistress Bettina about a year ago and She has been part of my life ever since. There is something that illuminates in Her that makes Her special. She contacted me with a desire to be formally trained into the arena of BDSM play. When I asked Her what She liked so much about domination, Her face cast a glow and Her eyes sparkled while She explained how She was driven by the overall energy exchange. As it appears, She likes torturing "things"...rendering them helpless. Although She knows the credo of Safe, Sane and Consensual, She likes to bring Her submissives to the teetering edge of play. She laughs at the predicament's of those who are brave enough to turn themselves over to Her skill and playfulness.

Although respectful of limits, She revels in having as much fun as possible with Her submissives whether it be to dress them up forcibly, turn them into little sissies, or have them worship Her feet and pay due respect to Her commanding femininity. She can be very demanding in such a lovely way...

I would describe this lovely woman as someone who would have lived sometime during the Medieval and modern times of the 14th century in Europe. Her classic style of dress is to incorporate corsetry with the classic styles of the Renaissance. She is quite unique and that is what I admire about Her so much.

Things Bettina Thorne enjoys are cock and ball torment/bondage, nipple torture, varying forms of corporal punishment such as flogging and spanking as well as some caning. She also enjoys needle play, mummification, golden showers and role play as well as tease and denial.