Minneapolis Domination Mistress Harlow Mistress Sharina Nicole dominatrixUPDATE: Mistress Harlow has taken an indefinite leave of absence from domination.

NOTE: This is NOT the same Mistress Harlow in Chicago. THIS Mistress Harlow was first (2016), and has no connection to Mistress Harlow or Domina Harlow in Chicago, Illinois.

Mistress Harlow is a very unusual dominant. Some of the things she has experience with are edgy and taboo like feederism and vomit fetish. She describes being a submissive as purely a primal pleasure, and being Dominant as mixing that pleasure with both an adrenaline rush of power and the satisfaction of perfect capability and confidence.

BDSM also appeals to her as an art form. "It has an aesthetic language all its own, full of small and significant details."  Always an “artistic type,” the creativity that goes into each scene provides an outlet in a language that silent parts of her can speak.
One special skill she is continuously striving to perfect is incorporating opportunities to clearly establish consent without breaking the narrative of the scene. She is proud to be able to create a dialogue that maintains erotic tension and keeps everyone "in character" while allowing her submissive to express their boundaries.
Humiliation Play
Public Humiliation
Vomit Play
Forced Weight Gain - RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink)
Forced Erotic Play
Gags and Drooling
Brain Draining
Animal Transformation - Pavlovian Style Training
Foot Worship
She enjoys a less structured disciplinary session, with more of a "fickle cruelty and focus on sensation."  
In March of 2016, Mistress Harlow was in the process of being incorporated into my Studio Femme Fatale and is qualified to do double Domme sessions with me, Mistress Sharina. If she agreed to see you one on one after a double Domme session with me, you must have made an impression.