Mistress KUPDATE: Mistress K loved mouse traps! She had a dream and is now a post-op transsexual and resides in New York.


Mistress K has been a practicing Femme Domme in Minneapolis since 2001 and was introduced to the lifestyle through the late Madame Cynthea located in the Pacific North West. Madame Cynthea had an old school philosophy of Feminine Superiority over all men. Through this relationship, Mistress K recognized her true inner self.

Mistress K is a Transsexual Mistress and has been in the scene for many years. Although born with male attributes, she has always been a female. I have admired her steadfast ability and commitment to live her life as she truly sees herself which is undoubtedly female. She lives as a woman and passes as such and in experiencing her own transformation, has great insight in working with those who are truly interested in all levels of male to female transformation.

I would describe Mistress K as one who thoroughly enjoys taking her subjects to the very edge. She is demanding, yet caring and rules with a steady and demanding hand, combining humor, wit and sensuality. She also loves to reduce her slaves into an emotional state of servitude and total submission. While she exudes sensuality, this can be coupled with her sadistic nature as well. Moving from pain to pleasure throughout the scene...she keeps you on the edge of not knowing what will happen next.

Forced Femme and slut training are among favorites of Mistress K. Transforming you into her personal slut, you will be made to look like a slut, and do the things sluts do to please their Mistress. Corporal punishment with various severities, as well as teasing the cock and balls she finds most delightful. She considers her cock and ball torture (CBT) a true art form and has much creativity in this area. In addition, Mistress K enjoys foot worship and body worship, bondage, interrogation, anal play, high heel training, latex training and corset training, humiliation, golden showers as well as enemas.