Ms Mya

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis & Saint Paul,  are the home of Minnesota Mistress Ms Mya. When I first began working with Ms Mya it was evident to me that she connected with kink. Fascinated with the way Dominance and submission feels, and finding her comfort zone over her submissive (or underneath the hands of her Mistress), has been a personal journey for her that continues to effectively fulfill a need and desire to turn herself over completely.


It has been my pleasure to influence her experiences by introducing her to various forms of play such as flogging, spanking, electro-stimulation, strap-on training, Sybian, bondage, sensory deprivation and erotic torture. Mya is truly emotionally expressive in a scene and is a wonderfully strong submissive.

Her experience in S/m play continue further than those she has experienced under my guidance. She also enjoys foot worship and trampling as well as delivering severe forms of corporal punishment. I enjoy Mya's assistance as she has assisted me in various forms of role play scenarios such as sissy slut training and cross dressing sessions, medical role play scenarios and play piercing sessions. Ms Mya has also shared her skills in fisting with Mistress Suzanne on a number of occasions.

If you are interested in a session that would include Ms Mya, please contact me, Sharina Nicole by phone at 952-943-9789 or E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.