The Mystery Mistress


I was greeted at the door and lead into a room by Mistress Nicole. She smiled, and secured a blindfold around my eyes. I must admit, I anticipated this session unlike any other session I had ever scheduled with a Mistress. I was about to have a session with a Mistress I have never seen before, and one I will never ever see.

As I was lead into another room, I couldn't help but wonder what would become of me. What might I experience at the skilled hands of this Mystery Mistress? I waited breathlessly for my session to unfold...



What is Mystery Mistress?
Mystery Mistress is a session that is designed and created specifically for you based on your experience, fetish forte' and openness to explore BDSM through a new concept.

Who will be my Mystery Mistress? I will choose someone for you that I feel is skilled, alluring, and perhaps just the right Mistress for the kinds of things you enjoy. She may or may not be listed on the bio page...

What kind of session will it be? Any kind of session may be created for you whether it is cross dressing, forced feminization, sissy slut training, role play scenarios, mummification erotica, sensorial play, corporal punishment...anything.

How long is a session? A session with your Mystery Mistress is a full one and a half hours.

Is the Mystery Mistress always the same Mistress? No, She may be one Mistress or even two Mistresses at the same time. It will be up to your senses and your imagination as to what is happening. However, unless you are requesting a male dominant, the Mystery Mistress will be female.

Will my limits be respected? Always. Any dominant using my studio uses the credo of Safe, Sane and Consensual at all times.

Will my limits be pushed? Possibly, and safe words used at all times.

How will I be brought into your dungeon and who will meet me at the door?  I will meet you, and blindfold you, the rest is up to the Mystery Mistress.

May I request a certain kind of session? Yes, sessions may always be negotiated upon, although, based on your application to see a Mystery Mistress, your session will be created from all of your answers, so you will not know exactly what to expect.,but everything is within your limits and boundaries.

Will I ever know who my Mistress is? It is up to you.



It is not required, but it is My suggestion that you have seen at least one Mistress for a regular session prior to a Mystery Mistress session.


List your LIMITS (things you don't like, thing you have no interest in)
Regular session interests
Medical info (Rx and drugs,(this includes ED meds), surgeries, weak spots, medical conditions, etc.