UPDATE: The infamous Jean Bardot (aka The Rubber Mistress) is an international touring fetish model, and has been featured in various fetish films as well as the cover of fetish magazines.

 You find yourself very nervous although you have chosen this session quite carefully. You've made your plans and now the anticipation is excruciating as you lie in your bed unable to breathe. Your thoughts go back to the first time you saw this beautiful creature...the black glassy rubber that encases Her body, running over slippery, enlarged breasts to Her hips that cascade down to Her beautifully arched flesh in heels that can pin you to the floor. This is The Rubber Mistress...

Rubber Mistress is synonymous with the word KINK! She loves nothing more than to rubberize Her pets in latex, objectifying them to look nothing like the humans they were created to be. Sessions with Rubber Mistress may be created in many different ways. She may use things like breath play/smothering, bondage and body encasements, mummification, forced femme latex cross dressing, cbt, corporal punishment, foot worship/trampling and medical play with the implementation of sounds, electo-stim, enemas and catheterization. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, but remember: Curiosity killed the cat...

If you are looking for a rubber session with two rubberized Mistresses, please inquire. I am a rubber fetishist as well, and as you know, I enjoy all of the components to a good rubber session.

Here is a partial list of The Rubber Mistress's equipment. Of course if you are a true lifestyle rubberist, She wouldn't be opposed to your bringing your items to Dungeon Femme Fatale for play.



    Latex Fetish Equipment and Rubberist Clothing List:
  • Latex Body bag, head exposed, size L, black
  • Latex Blow up straight jacket, size L, black
  • Latex Straight jacket size M
  • Latex Vac bed, blue
  • Latex Vac bed, black
  • Latex Leg binder size M-L
  • Latex Arm binders, singles black
  • Latex Arm binders, singles white
  • Latex Arm binders, double, black
  • Latex Hoods (quite an assortment)
  • Open crotch, open breast gloved/footed latex cat suit, red, size large
  • Various latex panties, black red and transparent
  • Various latex gloves, black red and transparent
  • Black latex body with blow up tits size L-XL
  • Black latex body size L-XL
  • Blow up latex leggings, size M
  • Latex neck corsets, 2 transparent with stretchers