Foot Fetish Videos: Humiliated at Her Feet, Forced to Root for His Arch Rival

Humiliated at Her Feet, Forced to Root for His Arch Rival

Sharina is chatting with Mike about her shoes. They're some of his favorite candy apple red shoes. She's dangling her shoes in front of his face teasing him and notices that he's wearing his
Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt. Sharina toys with him and tells him that he's not getting anywhere NEAR her feet unless he converts to being a Green Bay Packers fan. Mike says that he's a FOOT
FAN! Sharina knows that Mike will do ANYTHING to get near her feet EVEN if it means denouncing his FAVORITE FOOTBALL TEAM OF ALL TIME! To up the ante, Sharina makes him root for their ARCH
RIVALS the Green Bay Packers. He'll do anything to get near her feet no matter how humiliating or painful. Lots of great toes sucking, foot swallowing, arch licking, feet slapping the face,
feet rubbing the face, double ped face attack, foot sniffing, and more! Great POV's including some fantastic foot arch licking action nice and close. 8MIN59SEC HIGH DEFINITION WIDESCREEN

Resolution 864 X 480 Filmed at Sharina's
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Length: 8 minutes
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