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Sneaking Her Warm Sexy Foot Stink While She Sleeps

Mike is in the kitchen having his coffee and realizes it is late. As he looks at his watch, he realizes she must be asleep.He sets down his cup and quietly sneaks down the hall to her bedroom.She is sound asleep with her beautiful and so wonderfly warm and soft, feet peeking out from under the covers. As he quietly enters her room, he sees her perfectly pedicured and red painted toes. Her feet are the perfect size, with just the right arch and long pretty toes. He can smell their scent and begins to lick the soles of her feet, nearing her arches. He moves his mouth near her toes and licks deep between her toes, taking breaks to sniff and smell her aromatic feet.He is in heaven, if only she stays asleep! He's trying to be so quiet and so careful, he knows that she would be furious if she caught him violating her feet like this. As he begins to suck her toes one at a time, he has to be SO CAREFUL. He is nervous, yet the risk is worth being able to have such a sensual and delicious time with her sexy feet and toes. As he kisses, licks, sniffs, smells, and sucks her feet and toes, it is obvious that he is living a longtime fantasy. He puts his nose between her warm and stinky arches. The camera work is crystal clear, high definition, well-lit, close-up, and SUPERB! This is shot so intimately, it is a MUST HAVE for the collection.

AMAZING HIGH DEFINITION WIDESCREEN Resolution 1280 X 720! Excellent REMASTERED in .MP4! Filmed at Sharina Nicole's in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Length: 8 minutes
Size: 61 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720

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