Being Marked

Expert: Sharina Nicole

  I am in an 8 month old relationship with a Pro-Domme. We session about every 3 weeks. It continues to be an incredible journey for me, my first exposure to BDSM. I seem to be developing a deep craving for marks. My preference is marks from a cane and single tail.  Is there a "typical" reason that subs fall in love with being marked?  Is it all about "a sign of ownership?"  Just wondering if something obvious is escaping me?


Totally addictive, isn't it? For some, they get a taste of wonderful play, especially when the person introducing them to it is a master at their craft. They seem to go further and further into the emotions that were originally generated after their first time and want more. It's a little like being addicted to crack.

When your body feels pain, endorphins are released into the system. The strike of the cane takes on new meaning as you are warmed up, you can take more. Unless of course you are a masochist in the worst way, then, you might enjoy deliberate whacks with no warm up whatsoever. Your endorphins are ramped up higher and faster.

Marks that are left are two fold, and this is in my opinion. When you receive severity in a scene, the marks are indicative of what you DID take during the scene. You look at them, you wait for them to "bloom", you monitor the colors. So, let me ask you this Greg. When you look at the marks that are left after a scene, what are you thinking about when you look at them? How do you feel when you see them? A sense of pride? Accomplishment? Satisfaction? If you didn't feel those things, you wouldn't care if marks are left or not. But still, you look.

The other thing that happens is, you may feel a sense of intimacy with your Mistress as the marks are something your Mistress has left. You know that in receiving severe punishment, she received true joy and the marks are evidence of this.

You may be reminded she was there by having to hide your marks. Maybe you are at the gym, or changing your clothing when someone else is in the house. It becomes a secret, a really good secret. If anyone knew I had these marks, they might be impressed.

Marks are representative of something very powerful. In that moment you are receiving them, there is no need to display ownership with a collar, you are in that moment owned by your Mistress and as you give yourself to her emotionally, you become her property and the marks prove that.

Marks are also a "lingering of an experience" that you can visit anytime you rub your fingers over the marks. Since you probably can't be played with when you want, you get to visit that place until the marks disappear.

Congratulations in finding a Mistress who can play with you in a way that works for you. I'm certain she is having a wonderful time with you as well,  and very much enjoying leaving her special imprint...

M Sharina