My heart goes out to the victims, survivors, friends & families in Texas, Florida, and other parts of the U.S., Bahamas, & Caribbean that have been impacted by the recent dangerous hurricanes & storms.   I am saddened to hear of the devastation & loss of the people that suffered the 7.1 Magnitude earthquake in Mexico City.

You are all in my thoughts.

 -M Sharina


BDSM Dominatrix & Mistress in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Dominatrix Sharina Nicole (and her Studio Femme Fatale), is a place where people can explore an interest in domination, BDSM, cbt, crossdressing, forced fem, foot fetish, medical play, latex fetish, bondage, tickling fetish, and MANY other fetishes & kinks. New experiences in BDSM, S&M, D/s (dominance and submission), and fetish, where the experience is designed to "heighten the senses and arouse the spirit".


Understanding Your Own Pain Threshold

Of course there are many aspects of BDSM, Domination, and fetish that interest people. UNDERSTANDING YOUR OWN PAIN THRESHOLD and playing with endorphins is the tip of the iceberg. and this can be accomplished in many ways.



Although Mistress Sharina Nicole is considered by many worldwide to be "one of the top experts in TRAMPLING" (Sharina is a Trampling extremist, using BZ heels and needle heels custom made specifically for her),  she is also delighted to introduce those new to the fetish of trampling. Of course FOOT WORSHIP and FOOT FETISH are some of her favorites, AND her interests span a far wider range of fetishes and kinks. She enjoys black nylon and nylon stocking fetish, (Nylon Stockings make her long legs look so delectable, of course she uses this to her advantage),  high heel and boot worship, CFNM, roleplaying / Mind games PSYCHODRAMA, drama therapy, OTK (over the knee) SPANKING, caning, flogging, single-tail whipping, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, CBT, electro stimulation (via Eros-tek, zapper, tens units, or violet wand),  MEDICAL FETISH, (urinary catheterization, scrotal infusion, retention ENEMA play), fire-play, HOT WAX, play-piercing, mummification, SENSORY DEPRIVATION, bondage, CAGING, straight jacket suspension, CROSS DRESSING - FORCED FEMME, sexual reassignment TRANSFORMATION sessions to name a few favs...


Mistress Sharina Nicole is a well respected Dominatrix with over 20 years of experience, and she defines herself as a NURTURING SADIST skilled in the art of femdom domination and the many art forms of BDSM domination. Mistress Sharina Nicole has been filmed in countless fetish video clips featuring her showing her dominatrix expertise in domination, trampling, foot worship, foot smothering, cbt, humiliation, tickle torture, and more. She has been featured in dominatrix directories and magazines, and has written for Passion Magazine (a dominatrix publication). Her many fetish clips have been popular with fetishists around the world, though her foot fetish clips tend to be most popular with many from Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and more.

Mistress Sharina loves using her creativity in her live domination sessions, and encourages novices and experienced men, women, couples, and transgendered to explore their kink by the credo, "Safe, Sane and Consensual."

"At my Studio Femme Fatale I have access to Professional Dominants who are not only skilled, but who also enjoy immensely different forms of KINK and FETISH. We all play with an open mind, INTEGRITY AND RESPECT is the basis from which we operate."

"Life can be astonishing. My invitation for your exploration into My art of fetish, kink, & domination may begin now . . ."
- Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole

Domination is NOT Prostitution