Mistress Jacquie's Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, Minnesota business card 1

 Mistress Jacquie's Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, Minnesota business card 2


A very good friend of mine was cleaning out her closet and found these two studio cards from the Dungeon of Wrapture (formerly located in Saint Paul, Minnesota). Thank you Mistress Kristin!  
The cards are so interesting, as you can see. They bring back lots of fond memories for me. Perhaps a bit of proof reading was in order as the website address' url was incorrectly spelled: Wapture.org instead of Wrapture.org. I wonder how many people went to the wrong website!
I met Head Mistress Jacquie of Saint Paul's former premier BDSM studio, Dungeon of Wrapture in May of 1996. Not a cliche', Mistress Jacquie was slender with long blond hair and seemed more a country girl than anything else. My first mentor, who became a friend and a sister.
The Dungeon of Wrapture was located in Saint Paul, MN on 7th street, and the minute I walked into the Dungeon of Wrapture, I felt like I was home, only to a place I'd never been. The walls were covered with toys and the smell of the dungeon was intoxicating with leather and the faint waft of incense. I used her studio for 7 years.
I will never forget that feeling, as I stood there in the middle of the "Dungeon of Wrapture" for the very first time.

Mistress Sharina at Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, MN

For a few more pictures from that era, you can see me playing with my latex kitty in my archives titled: Latex Training and Breath Play with Sharina Nicole


M Sharina


UPDATE: 06/07/2018

Look what I found! While going through some old boxes, I ran across another one of the Dungeon of Wrapture business cards from years ago. Finding this brings back memories, 

and it's fun to stumble across little reminders from the past. 

Mistress Jacquie's Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, MN business card 3 

That's not all that I found! Here is a KEY! If you look closely, you'll see that it's labeled. 

I thought that you might enjoy a little peek at some reminders of the past.

Key to Mistress Jacquie's Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, MN

When I was at Mistress Jacquie's Dungeon of Wrapture, it was years ago, and I know some of you STILL remember those days gone by.

M Sharina



October 4th, 2001

Well, I am off today! Soon, this dominatrix will be in London, with my latex kitty for the "Rubber Ball in London"!  I will be away for a week and will be ready to share with you some pictures when I return.  Life moves on and there is so much to be grateful for.  I'm wondering how I will drag my latex kitty back home with me when you are only allowed one carry on bag for the flight. (*very evil grin*) By the time we are ready to return home, he will be half suffocated, and smiling.

Feel free to leave a message on my voice mail, (Note the new number) as I will be sure to pick them up sometime after I return.

I am so excited...I am walking on air!

Latex kisses...

M Sharina (Dominatrix visiting London)




September 11th,2001

I would like to express my sincere condolences to all of the families whose lives have been touched by the events of the WTC attack.  My heart is heavy and sober in prayer for all of those who have been affected by this tragedy.

As it is that all of our lives do commingle, so shall it be that we may be of comfort to one another during this time of grief and loss.  May we work together through this time of transition with grace and fortitude. 

Peace be with you...
M Sharina


September 6th, 2001

Does one ever truly know who we brush up against when we are out and about in the world?  I mean wouldn't it really be something if we could just tell who lived our lifestyle in BDSM?  All those people walking around and not a single one has known the pleasure of a single tail whip licking at their bottom?  Certainly I jest, but it does make you wonder.  Let me tell you what happened to me the other day when I was shopping at a kitchen store.

I had picked up a few items, and I was ready to go through the check out line.  As miracles would have it, I managed to find myself at a counter with a clerk I had a commonality with.  She looked at my flat wood spatula with the holes and said, "You know, that would give a nice paddling!"  "Yesssss....the holes make a nice sting."  I commented.  Funny how as she had been looking down at the tickets ready to scan another, her eyes slowly looked up at me and she started to sparkle.  "I didn't know there would be anyone in here I would have that in common with!" she remarked.  She leaned in closer to me and said, "You know, there are some really nice pumice paddles in the back for your feet that sting really nice on the bottom..."  "Yes, I know, I carry the used ones in a play bag!"  As we both basked in the warm fuzziness of our own personal memories silently, we both realized where we were.

There I was thinking the nastiest thoughts right there at Linens and Things.  I had no idea "Things" would carry on such a meaning for me that day! Thoughts of taking my hands to her shirt and gently ripping off the buttons of her blouse so that I may drag kitchen utensils from far and wide all over the store and use them on her one by one were overwhelming me!  Oh look...there are those nipple clips! (for chips) and that little scrapper with the funny end. (lemon zester) and oh....the rolling pin with the pressed designs in it.  I would turn her around and place her neatly over the counter top where I would expose my hard dildo and penetrate her!

As she wrapped my package in a nice neat little bundle and placed it in the bag, she smiled sweetly at me.  I couldn't help but think what a wonderful secret we shared.  She probably knew exactly what I was thinking.  Sometimes I wear an evil grin...like a badge of honor.


Mistress Sharina

August 30th, 2001

As you know I have new pictures on the web site.  It was an impromptu photo shoot that my pet set up for me.  He set up latex sheets on the floor and behind me...shining them with latex shine.

As I walked upstairs and into the 3rd floor, the smell of the latex permeating the air was intoxicating to say the least.  It seems that my body went into autopilot from just the smell alone.  I had slipped into a latex cat suit only moments before and was shined up by my latex cat.  For me there is nothing more stimulating than to be naked under latex and zipped up into a cat suit!  The zipper curves right around my crotch bumping and zipping to my pelvis...such a wonderful sensation. (*sigh*)

I posed for a few pictures, but the digital camera didn't seem to be working properly, so while my pet was playing with the camera, I was able to entertain myself with my surroundings.  I looked over on the table right next to me and saw a rather large leather collar with silver rings, a few floggers and an exquisite stainless steel dildo (bondage) harness.  The dildo harness gave me an idea, I mean since I was in my latex and all shined up and feeling rather slippery...I thought, "hmmmm, maybe I should have some real fun while we take these photos!"  I looked over at my pet who was fidgeting with the camera and said, "Darling...go downstairs and fumble through my bag and find my inflatable penis."  He almost dropped his camera as he said meekly, "Yes Mistress!"

He returned with it all nice and clean, bowed his head and handed it to me.  "Mistress, as you asked..."  With my thumb and forefinger I started unzipping the zipper that was resting right above my pubic bone.  It felt nice as it glided around to the small of my back.  There was no need for any further lubrication so I inserted the small inflatable penis inside.  I glided the zipper back in place and slipped into a pair of small latex shorts with a hole for the tube.  I played with the orange plastic air release valve until it was closed and started to squeeze the bulb until the penis felt tight.  "Now you may take some pictures, pet."

With the full sensation of the inflatable penis, my shining cat suit and the sound of "The Crystal Method" filling the air...I was in latex heaven!  We took quite a few photos, about 150.

I had suffered all I could take at that point and ordered my pet to give me my vibrator.  The feeling of his little kitty paws on my latex smoothing it all out, and the sensation of the vibrator was just the most wonderful thing.  The rest of the world just disappeared, and I could feel my mouth open and my eyes closing tightly as an explosion of orgasm took over my body.  The penis contracted to my own body rhythm which sent me into an immediate wave of another orgasm. 

As I suddenly became more conscious, I gazed over at my pet who looked at me and smiled.

I have an idea what I'll be wearing at the next photo shoot...Maybe you'll see the pictures...who knows.


Sharina Nicole


August 29th, 2001

The body thoroughly amazes me.  It is awe inspiring what one can do with a body as well as what state a body can be put in.  As a Mistress working my craft in the art of BDSM, I receive the most pleasure inflicting pain.  There is no greater feeling to me than to see my slave's body beneath the heels of my feet after I have tortured him.  One might say that it would take a certain amount of cruelty to be such a sadistic Mistress.  Although this may be true, striking a balance is the bottom line.  A balance between safe play and testing the limits...That is why I would describe myself (if I had to in two words) as a nurturing sadist.  Let me show you what I mean.

I remember a scene I did with my latex pet.  The scene was a simple one really, but I think that is why it stands out over the years as one of my most enjoyable scenes because of it's simplicity.

I dressed my pet in a diaper, as I knew he would be in latex for quite awhile...I then slipped him into the latex bondage bag.  I slipped his arms into the inside arm sleeves and zipped him up the back.  I placed a blow up gag in his mouth and covered his head with a latex hood.  I wrapped large leather belts around his ankles, above the knees and chest.  He was lying on the floor over a futon mat. 

The only thing he had on the latex hood were two tiny nose holes for breathing.  I was very tired and needed sleep so I tucked my pet in for a few hours and went into the other room.  I just couldn't sleep!  I was worried that I wouldn't hear him if he was in trouble...maybe I would have slept right through him struggling for air and he'd be dead!  So I crawled over to where my pet laid sleeping and fell asleep beside him.  I had one leg over his body and my arm around his chest.  He was so nice and warm and the latex felt so good on my skin.  Every now and then I would wake up and wonder if he was breathing, so I would take my hand and slip it up over his face and cover the nose holes until he ran out of oxygen completely and struggled for air.  The joy of it all to me was that he never quite knew exactly when he would find himself in the middle of a dream, to be woken up with his air cut off and struggling for his life the next minute!  (*sigh*) I tortured him that way all night and through to the morning.

Finally, I decided to use my little pet for a bit more amusement, so I strapped a latex dildo to his face.  How wonderful to feel his warm body beneath mine as I straddled his face.  The only thing my pet could do was move his head up and down for my pleasure, smell me and listen to the sound of his Mistress in ecstasy. 

The joy for me was when he struggled for air.  The sound was intoxicating!  I would just lie there and smile, sometimes a giggle.  I also loved the fact that he lacked any specific identity as he was covered in latex from head to toe.  He was at my disposal and so eager to please me.

The pleasures of being a Mistress are many.  I will describe some of them to you in the days to come.  From the dreams I have to some of the scenes I do, to my shoe shopping escapades...and to what I receive when a slave gives me his loyalty, gratitude and unconditional devotion.

Until next time...

Sharina Nicole


August 24th, 2001

I would like this to be one of many communications along the way in your journey through this site. Eventually you will be hearing from me everyday.

I will begin simply by saying that there is no greater satisfaction for me than to render a body helpless and play with it.  To very carefully, little by precious little, take this body that I hold in my hands and create a journey.  I equate this to a cat playing with a mouse...Mistress being the cat in this case.

To methodically send me and my little mouse into a zone.  I don't often care what my mouse looks like only that I have fun with it.  I don't care if it's chubby, slender, missing a limb, or petrified of me.  I only care that it is conscious, clean and respectful.

I have been away on a few trips this year.  Last April I went to Amsterdam.  What a joy to walk into the store DAMASK.  The smell of latex was intoxicating!  I recently returned from California enjoying the beautiful weather in San Diego and walking the streets of West Hollywood and Santa Monica...The beaches were beautiful to say the least, but I had to leave my lifestyle at home.  Two weeks without S/M play.  How my hands ached to pick up a flogger.  To pick up the leather tails and fill my nose with the smell of leather was torturous to say the least! I longed to walk into my closet and see my shiny latex catsuit hanging just where I would see it when I returned.  Ahhhh...the smell of latex.  There is absolutely nothing like it in the world!

When I was in Amsterdam I did visit Damask 5 times.  The store sits right in this quaint little village where all the streets are like alleys.  I happened to find one of my very favorite toys right there in the basement level of the store behind locked glass. 

"May I see that one?"  I asked.  My eyes were shifting to see a nice variety of black latex dildos in the case.  But one looked especially interesting as it was thick in appearance and had a small ball sack.  When I picked it up to play with it I noticed a hole at the tip of the penis and small plastic straps to use as a strap on.  "What does this do ?"  I asked.  "Oh," said Marianna, the exquisitely charming sales associate who was helping me, "That's an ejaculating cock."  Maybe it was the way in which she said it, or possibly the smell of latex wafting through the air from the unlocked case...whatever it was, from then on my mind was like a record with a scratch!  Stuck only to think, "ejaculating cock...ejaculating cock...ejaculating COCK!"  Sometimes with more emphasis on ejaculating sometimes on the word cock.  (sigh)  Two very priceless words, and when you put them together...well for me, DASTARDLY!  So I bought two.

The latex clothing was amazing to say the least.  Putting on a latex corset for me is like coming home, only to a place I've never been before until now.  The look, the feel, the way the studs clink as I buckle up the seven straps in front.  Feeling steady pressure as the laces are pulled tight.  Outstretching my arms so that my latex pet may shine me up.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath, for I know this is where I belong.

At the beginning of October, I will be going to London, England to the greatest event of all...THE RUBBER BALL!  Life is good where you can live your lifestyle for a short period of time 24/7.  I always have the best scenes when I return from a BDSM trip.

So much to look forward to...and I will be sharing my escapades with you along the way.  Be patient, I am a very busy Mistress.  It is only a matter of time until I get my web site groove on...

Until then...sleep tight

Sharina Nicole

I had the supreme pleasure of attending the MidWest Fetish Spring Sting BDSM convention last month and I must tell you...it was a blast! MidWest Fetish (former website was midwestfetish.com) Although quite small, I would have to say that we were all lucky to be part of the intimacy that a smaller gathering created.

Mistress Sharina Nicole riding Mistress Amanda Wildefyre 's Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

Femdom Mistress Sharina Nicole riding Mistress Amanda Wildefyre 's Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

Friday evening included a lovely cocktail hour with dinner to follow. We sat in huge tables of 10 where conversations of kink evolved. Access to a huge room filled with very nice quality dungeon furniture ignited sparks of play after dinner. Fetish Diva Midori displayed her craft at Japanese rope bondage while I slowly became hypnotized and aroused. I was completely mesmerized by the way she took a male body and slowly used her expertise in Japanese rope bondage to tie him while he stood until he was literally off his feet in what appeared to be a type of sling. She then slowly brought him down and back onto his feet and flogged his backside...This was very erotic to say the least. My observation of her was that her energy was grounded in the present moment at all times. Light, focused, sensual, connected, methodical and quite trancelike.

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre watched as I rode her Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre watched as I rode her Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre came into the room. I must describe her to you if you have never had the pleasure of seeing her in person (...and please read my March 13, 2003 Bizarre Life Diary Page) She is quite elegant, tall in stature, and graced with very beautiful skin. Feminine and quite beautiful she has a commanding presence where you would be hard pressed not to notice her walking into the room. Her lips are pretty, painted or not, and her eyes are powerful, yet playful. Her hourglass figure stands poised as she glides across the room. One can't help but stare...

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre striking a pose with yours truly (Mistress Sharina Nicole) and Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre striking a pose with yours truly (Mistress Sharina Nicole) and Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

Her commanding presence brought much curiosity as she lead her "Birthday Treat" into the room. Lady Diane has been very loyal to Mistress Amanda Wildefyre throughout the years and was celebrating her birthday and it just happened to be the first day of the event. Diane was dressed in a white latex hood with a pony tail coming out of the top and a cute pink ensemble...Lady Diane usually wears pink. She always seems to look quite pensive with that school girl touch of innocence. Amanda placed her birthday subject in an arm binder and tied her up like a spider web into the whipping frame. I was asked to come over and help warm up the bottom of this innocent little birthday girl...and I was all to happy to lend a hand. I will say this about Diane, she IS one of the best bodies in the Universe to play with. Her body yields to many forms of torture, even torture she doesn't like. I would like to add that here was another component to Amanda's repertoire and that was Mistress Amanda Wildefyre's slave k. At one point, Amanda was looking for something to tie Lady Diane's pony tail to, so I suggested she tie it to slave k..."Wonderful idea!" so she had slave k lie on the floor (which wasn't such an easy task to do since her wrists were locked to her waist.) But Amanda effortlessly helped slave k to the floor and posed her the way she wanted her to be, and whallah! Lady Diane was anchored to slave k... Returning Di back to the standing position, we took turns flogging Di and sandwiching her between us...She must have melted in between our bodies. I could have sworn I saw little pink droplets of sweat beaded up on the floor...

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre striking a pose with Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre striking a pose with Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

Saturday was quite amusing especially for me. For one, Amanda Wildefyre gave a workshop on one of my all time favorite subjects, CBT. (cock and ball torment/torture) The two hours went by extremely fast and the workshop could have easily gone on another 2 hours. I have seen Amanda do things to people that have completely amazed me. To me, she is reminiscent of a beautiful mad scientist...the only thing lacking are the bubbly apothecary jars and Igor thumping around the dungeon asking, "Yeth Mithdresssss?" I have yet to walk away from one of her sessions or demonstrations and not be completely in awe of her keen abilities and creativity in the art of torture. Her attitude is one of..."Of course it can be done!" and there isn't anything I haven't see her do that she has put her mind to. She is truly amazing.

Another reason for my amusement was a workshop on flogging given by Fetish Diva Midori. FetishDiva.com The workshop was to explore the unique perspective of how one can learn the art of wielding a flogger to become an instrument of pleasure. I didn't know that I was in for such a treat.

Midori is an incredible woman who exudes an integral connection with those she chooses to engage. As a matter of fact, you will find yourself being engaged by her merely by observing her. During her workshop, she demonstrated several different ways of using a flogger and how to implement each technique. She then politely asked if there was anyone who would like to receive a flogging from her...That question caught me off guard. Ever have one of those out of body experiences you don't quite remember the details to? Well, that happened to me. Not only did I raise my hand, but I started waving it in the air. I had absolutely NO reservations about turning my body over to her completely. She comes from a place of trust and integrity which cast off any reservations I could have possibly had. (My slave was sitting next to me and although he had observed me administering many floggings of my own, had never seen me be at the receiving end of one.)

First, Midori demonstrated the negotiations of a scene for those who weren't familiar with proper Safe, Sane and Consensual guidelines and from there she proceeded to the flogging demonstration.

I must confess, I was thoroughly taken by surprise by this beautiful and very skilled woman. Midori did to me in 10 minutes what has taken others 3 to 5 times the amount of time and flogging to achieve. She has a magic touch.

I pinned my hair up and placed my hands on the bars in front of me with my back to her as instructed. She began by lightly stroking my body with the flogger tails. I could feel the tails stroke gently on my bottom and back. I could feel her behind me as I felt the first time she would stand closely to me and wrap her arm around my waist. She then progressed to one of the strokes she demonstrated during the workshop, but I could only feel what she was doing as I chose to close my eyes during the demonstration. I mean, here I was giving myself over to this quasi siren of sorts who was so obviously (to me) gifted in skill. I tuned out everyone who was in the room. Everyone accept Midori.

The flogger was heavy and the scent of leather surrounded me as the tails began to nip at my back and bottom. I smelled the essence of her latex dress and little by little I felt lead into a sense of well being. Slowly she warmed me up and by surprise several times flogged with intensity. There was a kind of rhythm to her technique...even still, there were moments when she flogged with intensity and caught me by surprise. I felt myself anticipating and welcoming the hard strokes. I can't say that I ever knew what to expect. There were times when I was totally in the moment and other times when I was on pins and needles. All I could do was breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth, feeling every wonderful connection with her whip. I could feel her behind me as she gently placed her hand around my waist. Slowly the connection with her changed and I could feel the tails of the flogger again against my back. She then turned me around and while instinctually leaving my eyes closed, she asked me to lift my chin. Midori began flogging my chest right through the fabric that covered me. I could feel my chest begin to warm as she increased the strokes with intensity. She brought me out of this trance I was in by methodically slowing her pace. Then I could feel the flogger slowly and nurturingly wrapping itself around my legs and bottom...My chest was hot and had a comforting sting. I could feel her directly in front of me and as I opened my eyes I looked into hers as I embraced her. What a tremendous feeling...and what a tremendous gift.

It is a gift when one's body has been played with in such a way that lends itself to honor and gratitude...I will treasure that moment with her for a very long time.

At the risk of repeating myself, I can't say enough about how in touch this woman is with another's spirit. For those who were graced with a session with her as a prodomme, count your blessings. Every domme is different and in saying that...anyone can provide a service or perform a procedure of sorts in the line of D/s and SM but it is that interconnectedness that makes all the difference in the world and a scene truly special and rewarding.

The dungeon party on Saturday night was amazing and fun! All sorts of people were having fun with electricity, nylon stocking mummification / nylons stockings, bullwhipping, paddling...to name a few. But one scene in particular was incredibly remarkable and such a site to see. This was a pony play scene that was going on in a corner of the room lead by Amanda Wildefyre with Charger Pony  Charger: ChargerPony.com  I was told by Amanda that the pony display was a collaborative effort.

Mistress Sharina Nicole riding Mistress Amanda Wildefyre 's Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota
This brilliant display must have taken much preparation, as her pony (Charger) was encapsulated in a fiberglass pony formation. The fiberglass casted body was cut in half lengthwise and locking hinges were placed so as to hold the body together. Charger had a leather pony hood on and a nice electrical butt plug in his bottom to keep him....uh, entertained?! Charger would let out a little yelp when the electric was turned back on...I just loved hearing him breathe hard through his pony headed hood. (Ride him hard and put him away wet I say...)

Mistress Sharina Nicole riding Mistress Amanda Wildefyre 's Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

A saddle was placed on his back so the ride would feel good to the rider, and the entire pony was suspended by a specially designed suspension system with springs. I must say, it was the adult version of a bouncing pony toy. You know, like the ones you grew up with. The best part was that Amanda had two holes drilled in the saddle so two vibrators could be placed underneath. The attachments were capped off at the top of the saddle, so the rider could sit down and feel pleasure during the ride....now this was truly great.

Mistress Sharina Nicole giving Mistress Amanda Wildefyre's Charger pony a drinkSharina giving Charger a drink...

I changed my clothes as it would have been difficult to ride Charger with my Morticia dress complete with a corset. Amanda lead me to her Charger Pony and I mounted him from the side. I began rocking back and forth and up and down...it was really quite fun! Then she turned the vibrators on. Well, this wasn't enough to give me an orgasm, but amazingly enough the vibrations caused me to feel quite erotic long after I had jumped down from being on Charger...In fact, it was quite torturous! I felt delicious for the rest of the evening.

Mistress Sharina Nicole riding Mistress Amanda Wildefyre 's Charger Pony at the Midwest Fetish Spring Sting 2002 BDSM convention in Moundsview, Minnesota

I decided to take my humming body around the dungeon and see what else was going on. My friend Redline was playing with an electrical box with a handle on the side. This thing caused quite a reaction from anyone who was willing to put these little silver mesh rings over their fingers or toes. As the handle was cranked slowly, an intense electrical impulse was inflected throughout the body. It was GREAT watching the body shiver with delight as the handle was cranked harder! Such a delightful reaction. Thank goodness I wasn't cranking the handle on the box...ceiling darts anyone?

Walking a little further I spied Robert Dante who is truly an artist and expert in the arena of bullwhipping and single-tail whipping. I was mesmerized by the beautiful way in which he mastered the whip. The whip effortlessly moved around him in a circle when he wasn't taking aim at his sweet little target letting out the most yummy squeals! The whip cracked magnificently as it flew through the air. Truly mesmerizing...

My foot slave mike reserved a room for us for Saturday evening where we could actually lose an hour of sleep because of daylight savings time and make it to Midori's 9 AM (which was really 8 AM) Japanese Bondage Workshop. Who in their right mind would ever want to miss this!!?!! Soooo, I meandered back to the room with my foot slave in tow. Of course he was crawling on the floor hopelessly, wondering if I needed any help with the boots I had been walking around in for hours. Well, that was rhetorical! I sat on the edge of the bed while he peeled off my boots and felt my warm marshmallowy feet pressing up against his face. Needless to say, he was in heaven and once again...where he belonged.

Mistress Sharina Nicole's foot slave mike sleeps with a pile of his Mistress' shoes!foot slave mike sleeps with a pile of his Mistress' shoes!

The next morning a few of us decided to wear our jammies to Midori's Japanese Bondage workshop. This was really Amanda's suggestion, and since childlike fun is my middle name, especially when I am only half awake, I wrapped myself up in my blue satin robe with the soft cotton insides, my pink and black Vickies nightie and my slippers...a few heads turned as I entered the room. I was asked what I was wearing underneath by Amanda, so I of course complied with a slow flash of my robe. Quite playful that morning...very unusual for that time of the day when I have been up all night. Then again, all I need is an audience. Besides, you can sleep when you're dead.

Midori began her introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage by giving a little history about Japan itself. In fact, in her book (The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage) she describes certain aspects of the folkloric History of the rope in Japan...all very interesting and quite unexpected. This woman as well as being beautiful and talented in her craft is very knowledgeable to boot.
The Seductive Art of Japanese Rope Bondage book by Midori

She then asked for a volunteer for her demonstration and there went up several hands but one in particular. There it was...a hand very passionately waving in the front row. It was quite wonderful to watch her play with this man. Her subject admitted his love for rope bondage and as she began to play with him, she took the rope in her hands and began to drape it tenderly all over his body, slowly sliding the rope over the skin of his body. It was amazing to see him immediately go into a space. His breathing changed and became slow but deliberate. His body slightly began to sway and dance. I don't remember how long she played with him because I was enmeshed in her display of interconnectedness with him and how playing with him was a little like her having a puppet on a string. (no pun intended) She began to tie him and then she tied him tighter until she eventually had him completely off his feet...As if by magic...the same way she seductively got him into that position, she seductively got him out. I could hear him breathing passionately throughout the scene. It was wonderful to watch.

When she finished, he just stood there with this dreamy look all over his face. I concur with him as I had the same feeling and the same look all over my face too when she finished flogging me. (drool cups please) She embraced him warmly and then lead him to a chair. (forget him, he's gone) It truly was so wonderful to watch her.

I really needed to fan myself at that point...My slave and I went back to the room where I changed into real clothes and I decided what seminar to go to next.

I opted for the workshop given by Lord Wolf on electric play. This man was FUN and had an amazing talent for delivering useful information with an evil sense of humor. He was also in charge of organizing this event. I must commend him for his effort, as I would love to see this event grow into something like The Black Rose. I applaud him for his successful efforts!

We were given an informative brochure on the subject of electric play as well as a few demonstrations with the violet wand and all it's wonderful attachments. The tens unit, and Redline's hand crank telephone generator were also demonstrated. Lord Wolf also went over items like the bug zapper/tennis racket, stun guns and cattle prods. Many words about safety were offered, especially with the latter.

This workshop was over too soon as I thoroughly enjoyed not only the information, but the playful good natured way in which the information was delivered by Lord Wolf.

Next, we caught the tail end <pun intended> of a Part One workshop given by Robert Dante. (video: Bullwhip/Art of the Single-Tail Whip, Book: Bullwhip Magic) The end of Part One workshop was informative and exciting as he was demonstrating his techniques on a lovely unclothed female who so graciously gave her body to Dante, so I decided to stay for Part Two.

Robert Dante Bullwhip / Art of the Single-Tail Whip demonstration

This man can throw a whip! He is skilled in his delivery and remarkable at hitting his target. I remember seeing him single-tail whip a female at the dungeon party on Saturday night and from what I witnessed, he was a single-tail wizard. In watching him I was reminded of the beauty such a dangerous implement holds and if used improperly can severely damage needlessly... A little note of wisdom here and observation. When you see someone perform the art of their chosen craft in any of the forms of BDSM, do whatever you can to have an experience with this person. Chances are, they enjoy it because they have a gift.

I went home elated and tired, reflecting on the days behind me feeling very thankful that an event like this was possible in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis. November proves to be just as rewarding with Snow Bound in the works, November 7, 8 and 9...So, I will surely look forward to seeing you there if things go as I plan them for now.

When you congregate with like minded people who share your passion for a certain lifestyle it's possible critical mass can take over and spread throughout the land so that BDSM is no longer something others form judgments about because they lack information and education.

It is important to share, connect and respect each other no matter what we believe...

-M Sharina

 Foot Fetish Olympics Part Du The Summer Games 2002. Held at Spy Bar in Chicago, Illinois. Performances by Mistress Sharina Nicole.

 I happened to run across some of these old pictures from an event known as "The Foot Fetish Olympics". The technology was quite different then, and so was the resolution of photos and videos.

I'll keep an eye out for the larger, and higher resolution pictures, and when found, I'll update this page with them. The following was a post that slave mike wrote documenting the event, and pb99, Trampleguy, footslave, and phil-atio foot (the host of the event), all chimed in and commented.

 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar.  Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar.

Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar. Foot Fetish Olympics June, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the Spy Bar.





 #227234 - 07/10/02 06:33 AM Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina *****
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Loc: Minneapolis, MN
i had the great honor of attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Mistress Sharina Nicole (www.sharinanicole.com) recently. It was a weekend i will never, ever forget!

The teasing and tormenting began immediately. As i picked my Mistress up at Her apartment early Saturday morning, She made a point of telling me how warm and marshmallowy Her feet were going to be from wearing Her Harley Davidson boots. While sitting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport waiting for our flight to Chicago, She told me She was going to wear the same pair of socks all weekend, and that She would send them home with me at the end of our trip. my Mistress is so thoughtful.

On the flight from Minneapolis to Chicago, Mistress Sharina removed Her boots and socks, exposing Her beautiful feet to me. "Now don't get all weird on me," my Mistress said, knowing what effect Her feet have on me. As Mistress Sharina's collared foot slave, i am madly in love with Her feet. In fact, you might say i am addicted to them.

We rented a car in Chicago, and on the drive from O'Hare Airport to the Hyatt Regency Chicago, my Mistress again removed Her boots and socks and placed Her feet on the car dash, purposely teasing me some more. This would be a central theme that would run through the entire weekend. Anytime we were driving somewhere, Mistress Sharina would tease me with Her glorious fee. i can't tell you how many accidents we nearly had as i found it nearly impossible to concentrate on my driving!

After arriving at the hotel and checking into our room, my Mistress ordered me to remove all my clothes. She then asked me to take out my collar. i removed my collar from my carry-on bag and handed it to my Mistress. She ordered me to kneel before Her. "During this trip you are not to put your collar on yourself," She explained as She placed my collar around my neck and locked it. It would stay there for the rest of the weekend.

i was allowed the privilege of worshipping Her feet for a few minutes before being ordered onto one of the beds. i was instructed to get on all fours, making my behind readily accessible. Out came the floggers and the cane. It was a relatively brief corporal punishment session, as my Mistress had some shopping to do. After all, we were just a block away from Nordstrom!!

After some shopping and lunch, we went back to the hotel. Again, i was ordered to take my clothes off. Mistress Sharina attached a leash to my collar, placed a blindfold over my eyes, and then ordered me on all fours. She then led me around the room, allowing me to kiss and lick Her feet once i was able to find them. We eventually made our way into the bathroom, where my Mistress ordered me to lie on my back in the bathtub. She then removed the blindfold from my eyes and stood over me. At that point i was treated to a golden shower. i was in heaven!!!

After cleaning up we had a cocktail and dinner at the hotel and then drove out to the Leather Rose, where we met up with Phil-Atio Foot, organizer of the Foot Fetish Olympics. We also met Mistress Simone, who owns the Leather Rose. After visiting for a bit we returned to the hotel. Upon arriving at our room, my Mistress once again ordered me to remove my clothes. She then proceeded to mummify me in plastic wrap, rendering me completely helpless. She then threw me onto the bed. What followed was two hours of foot worship and smothering. Needless to say i was a complete mess by the time She had finished with me! It was about 6 a.m. by the time we went to bed. i couldn't help but dream about what the rest of the weekend would be like!

We awoke around noon on Sunday, and i was given the opportunity to worship my Mistress' feet while She lay in Her bed. After getting cleaned up we went shopping once again, checking out the many leather and fetish shops on Halsted Street. When we returned to the hotel, my Mistress opened up the refrigerator in our room and began looking around. It was stocked with liquor, soft drinks and various treats. She asked me if i liked Kit Kat bars, to which i said i did. So, She took a Kit Kat in Her hand and walked into the bathroom.

"Come here slave," She commanded. i walked into the bathroom and saw that She had unwrapped the Kit Kat and placed it on the bathroom floor. "Down on all fours," She ordered. i immediately dropped to my hands and knees and then watched my Mistress grind the Kit Kat into pulp with Her high-heeled pump. She lifted Her shoe to my face and ordered me to lick the candy bar from the bottom of Her shoe. She didn't have to tell me twice!! After cleaning the bottom of Her shoe, Mistress Sharina removed Her shoes. She squished and smashed the Kit Kat some more with Her bare feet, and then allowed me to lick the treat from Her feet. It was the first thing i had to eat all day, and it was DELICIOUS!!!

After the foot fun, it was time to take a shower and get dressed for the Foot Fetish Olympics. We went downstairs to the Big Bar for a cocktail, then went to Stetson's - a five-star restaurant located in the hotel - for dinner. i must say Mistress Sharina drew quite a bit of attention! As we waited for our food, my Mistress removed one of Her shoes and placed Her bare foot in my lap. i immediately got excited and began to rub Her foot. She would occasionally raise Her foot to my chest, making it plainly visible to the gentleman sitting at the next table. He looked shocked to see such behavior taking place in a classy restaurant! Personally, i didn't care what he thought, and my Mistress was unaware he was watching, as Her back was to him.

We had a glorious meal, but it was now time to head out to the Spy Bar for the event. We met many of the other participants. They were all very nice and it was so much fun getting to know them. Before long, it was time for the show to begin. First up was the measuring contest. In this contest, the other slaves and myself were blindfolded. One by one, a Mistress would sit before us. The object was for the slave to lick the bottom of the Mistress' foot and guess what size Her foot was. We would each get five chances&#8230;with five different Mistresses, and we were given credit for a correct answer as long as we were within a half size. i went first, and i guessed three out of five correctly. Mistress Sharina was not among the five Mistresses that i had measured.

Three other slaves also got three correct, so we had to have a tiebreaker. There would be a second round, this time with three Mistresses each. And this time, there would be no room for error&#8230;we had to guess the EXACT size to be considered a correct answer. i guessed wrong on the first one, but got the second one correct, guessing a size 7-1/2. i was wrong on the third and final try. The other three contestants did not get any correct in the second round, meaning i was the winner of a $25 gift certificate from the Leather Rose. After being announced the winner, my Mistress came out and gave me a hug. It was then that She let me know that it was Her feet that i guessed correctly during the second round.

The next event was a pie-eating contest. Well actually, it was raspberry cheesecake. The object of this contest was simple&#8230;to see who could eat a large slice of cheesecake the fastest. Of course, the cheesecake was to be fed to us slaves by our Mistress' feet. My Mistress and i have done some food play in the past, with things such as strawberry shortcake, Scooter Pies, strawberries, and of course Kit Kat bars! i must say my Mistress was quite skillful in dishing up the cheesecake with Her toes, not spilling a drop. i eagerly sucked the dessert from Her toes. i could tell we were in close contention for first place, but the heavy, rich dessert got harder and harder to get down. As Mistress Sharina stuffed the last little bit of cheesecake into my mouth, i heard Phil declare there was a winner. We were so close!!

It was now time for our performance, as Mistress Sharina and i had been asked by Phil to do a demonstration. We had 15 minutes, which is barely enough time to get warmed up. But we made the most of the time we had. The scene included barefoot and high-heeled trampling, foot smothering, toe-sucking and a bit of erotic domination. The crowd seemed to enjoy it.

The event ended with the Hottest Feet Contest. During this contest, an assortment of Mistresses, including Mistress Sharina, would be judged in the areas of foot smell, taste, feel, quality of pedicure, as well as overall appearance. i was lucky enough to be one of the five judges. The Mistresses were taken behind a curtain. One by one, they would stick their feet through an opening in the curtain so the judges would not know who was who. As judges, we would take our turn assessing the feet of each Mistress and grading them in the various categories.

Mistress Sharina was the sixth contestant, and as soon as i saw Her feet poke through the curtain i knew they belonged to Her. After all, i have worshipped Her feet so much that i know every square inch of them quite intimately!! Needless to say, Mistress Sharina was first on my ballot. Among the Mistresses who participated, Mistress Sharina placed third. <sigh>&#8230;i guess everyone has their own tastes.

As the event came to a close, we said goodbye to the many wonderful people we had met. After getting back to our room i was allowed to lick my Mistress' feet some more as She lay on Her bed. She ended up falling asleep, so i decided to take a shower. When i got out of the shower my Mistress was awake and was doing some packing, as we would need to leave the next day. When She finished, She ordered me onto my bed and allowed me to worship Her feet some more before going to bed. It was nearly 5 a.m., and we would need to get up by 10 a.m. to get packed up and check out by noon.

Monday morning came too soon, and it was time to prepare to head back to Minneapolis. As my Mistress finished packing, She presented me with the socks She had been wearing all weekend. i immediately brought them to my face and buried my nose in them. They had a wonderful scent!! i couldn't thank Her enough.

During the flight back to Minneapolis i reflected on the weekend. i thought about how lucky i was to be allowed the privilege of serving such a wonderful Mistress. i thought about how lucky i was to be in Her presence for three whole days (this was our first trip together). While i had many great memories, i was also feeling a little blue. i didn't want the weekend to end. i didn't want to go back to the vanilla world.

We arrived back in Minneapolis around 6 p.m. During the drive to my Mistress' apartment it was obvious She could tell what my state of mind was. We got to within a mile or two of Her apartment when She asked if i felt like stopping off somewhere for dinner. "I think you need to decompress," She told me. Knowing that my Mistress was tired, since we got very little sleep over the weekend, i told Her i appreciated the gesture but that it was not necessary. i told Her i was okay, but She obviously knew better. my Mistress knows me quite well, so She knew the last thing i wanted to do was to say goodbye to Her. So we stopped at a nearby restaurant and had dinner and a couple cocktails. We sat out on the patio area. It was a beautiful evening, and my Mistress and i shared quite a few laughs. Naturally, She teased me with Her feet. We were sipping some fine tequila and at one point She placed Her big toe in the glass and brought it up toward my mouth. i was more than happy to lick Her toe dry!!

It was now time to drop Her off at Her apartment&#8230;or so i thought. Little did i know that my Mistress had one more surprise in store for Her desperate little foot slave. i prepared to make a right turn toward Her apartment, but my Mistress instructed me to take a left instead. We soon took another left into a parking lot. We now found ourselves at a playground. It was very dark, as it was about 11 p.m. Like a couple of kids, we played on the playground equipment for probably 10 or 15 minutes. my Mistress then ordered me to lie down on my back. Sitting on the playground equipment near my head, my Mistress placed both feet over my face and began smothering me. "And you thought the foot worship was over, didn't you slave?" my Mistress asked. This went on for quite some time, and eventually it began to rain. In fact, it was raining quite hard, but we didn't care. We eventually ran back to my car, both of us soaking wet. What a wonderful way to end the perfect weekend!!!

i dropped my Mistress off at Her apartment, and we said goodbye. As i drove myself home i was in a trance. This was a weekend that i will fondly remember for the rest of my life. Thank You, Mistress Sharina, for making yet another dream come true. You truly are the greatest Mistress in the world!! i dedicate my life to serving You.
sweet pea (aka slave mike)


Re: Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina ***** [Re: sweet pea]   #227235 - 07/10/02 07:26 AM
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Hi sweet pea,

Thank you for taking the time to write so descriptively about your fun weekend with Mistress Sharina.
It's great how you appreciate Her natural and unaffected control over you.
I understand how even after spending so much precious time with your Mistress, how hard it is to leave Her company.


#227238 - 07/10/02 01:11 PM Re: Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina ***** [Re: pb99]
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Thanks for your reply. Yes, Mistress Sharina certainly has me under Her control....all it takes is the mere wiggle of a toe! <lol>

And yes, it was hard saying goodbye when W/we got back into town. That's why i appreciated so much Her suggestion of stopping for dinner, and then of course the little excursion to the playground. Mistress Sharina considers Herself a sadist...which She is, but She is also very kind and considerate. She likes to call Herself a "nurturing sadist."

i do consider myself very fortunate.

Glad you enjoyed the review. Best wishes.
sweet pea (aka slave mike)

Re: Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina ***** [Re: sweet pea] #227239 - 07/10/02 09:00 PM
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Hi-ya Mike,

I must have missed this post somehow. Ya know I was
asked to go to this event also, but that &#$% work
schedule didn't allow it. I also found that the guy who
put on the event was looking for trample victum for two
other doms. Anyhow, it looked like you had a wonderful
time and in short I ditto everything you mentioned about
Sharina throught all the message threads. Perhaps I'll
see ya in mid-july when I come over to help finish the
dungeon construction. Have you licked sheetrock dust
off of Sharina's toes??

Gotta run--take it easy!!!
Mitch (aka trampleguy)

Re: Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina ***** [Re: Trampleguy] #227240 - 07/10/02 11:39 PM
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Hey Mitch,

How's it goin' buddy? Yes, you missed a great event...we had a wonderful time. Too bad you weren't able to make it. You would have been the perfect trample victim!

As far as the dungeon construction, it sounds like we'll be back at it next Tuesday or Wednesday. Hope to see you there...it's really taking shape nicely!

To answer your question...i have sucked many things from the beautiful toes of Mistress Sharina, but sheetrock dust is not on that list...YET! We just may have to try that next week! <lol>

Anyway, i'm sure i'll see you at some point over the next couple of weeks. Take care.

sweet pea (aka slave mike)

Re: Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina ***** [Re: sweet pea] #227236 - 07/10/02 07:34 AM
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I attended the Foot Fetish Olympics event and Mistress Sharina Nicole's performance was Fantastic and in my opinion the best part of the night, I also wish they would have alotted her more time for her performance, maybe next time.

sweet pea do You know if Mistress Sharina Nicole ever reads messages here or posts any messages, I think she deserves her own message board here

Thanks for sharing Your account of Your weekend with the Beautiful Mistress Sharina Nicole

Re: Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina ***** [Re: footslave] #227237 - 07/10/02 01:07 PM
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Thank you for your kind words regarding Mistress Sharina Nicole's performance at the Foot Fetish Olympics. W/we had fun doing it, but W/we certainly would have liked to have had more time.

To answer your question, yes...Mistress Sharina does read the Max Fisch forums, but She has not ever posted anything Herself.

Thanks again for your compliments regarding Mistress Sharina....i couldn't agree with you more. Glad you enjoyed the review.

Take care
sweet pea (aka slave mike)

Re: Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina ***** [Re: sweet pea] #227241 - 07/12/02 01:47 AM
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Slave Mike,
Sharina and yourself f#%king rock! I hope to see both soon I'm planning a Laborday weekend Event. Please contact me I have something for you and Sharina.

Always a Footslut

Re: Attending the Foot Fetish Olympics with Ms Sharina ***** [Re: phil-atio foot] #227242 - 07/12/02 03:45 AM
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Thanks Phil, and thanks for putting on such a wonderful event. Mistress Sharina and i thoroughly enjoyed the event and the people involved.

i will give you a call.

sweet pea (aka slave mike)

to phil-atio foot ***** [Re: phil-atio foot] #227243 - 07/12/02 03:57 AM
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I attended the foot fetish olympics II event and it was GREAT! I must say in my opinion Mistress Sharina Nicole's performance was the best part of the evening, I wish she could of had more time, I could have watched her trample all night longggggggg smile :-) I LOVE to watch a beautiful woman trampling her slave! If Mistress Sharina Nicole honors us with her presence again, Please Please Please Please alot more time for her performance!

If I may make one more suggestion for upcoming events, I would LOVE to see more performances by the various Mistress's, especially trampling.

PS How come You didn't do the deep throat contest at foot fetish olympics II?

Keep up the good work and I hope You continue to host new foot fetish events!



 BDSM event Floggapalooza! by the Knights of Leather Friday, June 16th, 2017 at the Saloon bar 830 Hennepin, Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403

Floggapalooza! Live BDSM event by Mpls Knights of Leather

Join me (Mistress Sharina Nicole), at Floggapalooza for the Minneapolis Knights of Leather! Friday, June 16th, 2017

Floggapalooza will be held at "The Saloon", located at 830 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

Tel: 612-332-0835

on Friday June 16th, 2017 from 8PM to 10PM.

I  will be at the Saloon with a small arsenal of floggers and whips!

Let the beatiings begin!


-Mistress Sharina Nicole

Conductor of Heat

 Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole at Floggapalooza! Live BDSM event in Minneapolis, MN June 16th, 2017 -An event at the Saloon by the Mpls Knights of Leather

Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole at Floggapalooza! an event at the Saloon by the Mpls Knights of Leather






Birthday Gratitude from Mistress Sharina

Birthday Gratitude from Mistress Sharina

I have the most love filled and generous people in my life and every birthday I celebrate, I'm reminded how blessed I am.
Accidente'? Voodoo magic? 
The people in my life are no accident...and an absolute endearment to my soul and perfectly placed in my life to create a thrill, a respite, and joy for me, your Mistress nearest and as far away as the ends of the earth.
To you My "loyals," my gratitude. For without you I'd be dispassionate.  You trickle in the juice, you drive me and you fill me up in so many many ways, spiritual AND naughty. Soooo...
Special thanks to:
My collared slave mike
"Lexi" doll 
Faraway "barbie"
slave starshine "star"
Sissy bridgette
slave DC
slave jill
Mr. twisted balls "T"
hubcap slave
Mr. Pierced "P"
"Trample guy"
Forever latex kitty
Ms Naked Girl
Miss Penny
"Rexie" aka Doggie Dave
...and SO many other "loyals" who have sent Birthday wishes!
I dearly THANK YOU!
M Sharina



Floggapalooza at The Minneapolis Eagle & Bolt Underground for Minnesota Leather Pride during Gay Pride week

Floggapalooza for Minnesota Leather Pride at The Minneapolis Eagle & Bolt Underground

I love coming across mementos from events that I have enjoyed! I wanted to post this in the archives to honor the people I have met over the many years being part of a community. The Knights of Leather is an outstanding group of men and women who understand the leather lifestyle and it was my honor to have been asked to join them during leather Pride week at the Minneapolis Eagle /BOLT Underground.


Floggapalooza was such an incredible and fun event where like minded people come together to share. Many things take place in the connection from my flogger to the skin. My flogger becomes an extension of me and my energy. The electricity flows as the flogger's tails sweep across the body warming the skin in one fluid motion. The rest of the room disappears...


The room SWIRLED with energy, and I loved each and every minute.

-M Sharina




Happy Birthday Mistress Sharina Nicole! May 29th, 2017

Mistress Sharina has affected so many, and has positively impacted the lives of those around her in so many ways.

If you would like to wish Mistress Sharina a "Happy Birthday!", and would like to send her a card, note, gift, or token of appreciation,

please use the address (below) to send cards, a special note, or gift.

Emails, E-cards, and E-gifts may be sent to her email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mistress Sharina's Amazon wishlist may be found here:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/26P3JANUBIH0Z/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v

If you would like to send Mistress Sharina a Happy Birthday via postal mail, cards, notes, and gifts may be sent to:

Sharina Nicole
PO Box 1427
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Happy Birthday Sharina!


webmaster of sharinanicole.com






 HOM (House of Milan) Knotty Magazine Vol 3 No 5 layout A Friend In Twine Keeps A Friend In Line

Many years ago, I was featured in House of Milan's "Knotty" magazine. It was one of my first forays into BDSM and bondage .

The title of the magazine layout was "A Friend In Twine, Keeps A Friend In Line". That was many years ago, and although much has changed, some things stay the same.

 HOM (House of Milan) Knotty Magazine Vol 3 No 5 layout A Friend In Twine Keeps A Friend In Line

In the magazine layout, I'm named "Tess" and I'm dominating "Darlene", who I had put into a very precarious situation bound helpless in tight rope bondage, her panties pulled down, a ball gag in her mouth, and entirely at my mercy, WHICH TO THIS DAY, I LOVE.

HOM (House of Milan) Knotty Magazine Vol 3 No 5 layout A Friend In Twine Keeps A Friend In Line

This magazine was extremely difficult to find, and I wanted to share MY experience and pictures.

HOM (House of Milan) Knotty Magazine Vol 3 No 5 layout A Friend In Twine Keeps A Friend In Line

I have changed SO much since then, and it is interesting to look back on how far I've gone.

HOM (House of Milan) Knotty Magazine Vol 3 No 5 layout A Friend In Twine Keeps A Friend In Line

Through my website, I love sharing MY journey with you!

HOM (House of Milan) Knotty Magazine Vol 3 No 5 layout A Friend In Twine Keeps A Friend In Line

 HOM (House of Milan) Knotty Magazine Vol 3 No 5 layout A Friend In Twine Keeps A Friend In Line

For reference, here is the magazine cover for House of Milan Knotty Magazine Vol. 3 No. 5.

HOM (House of Milan) Knotty Magazine Vol 3 No 5 (fetish magazine cover)



City Pages Best of The Twin Cities: Minneapolis Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole with the cute Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Girls

I attended the annual City Pages Best of the Twin Cities bash hosted by the City Pages and the nightclub Aqua on May 21st.
Hanging out with Jen of the City Pages was great fun! I also had my picture taken with a bevy of (what looked to me) like naughty school girls, only they were promoting some special elixir no doubt to allure unsuspecting naughty captives into their wicked web! You know me, I love a good naughty school girl...er ahhhh baaaaaaad naughty school girl!

Obviously, I had to get a picture. How classic don't you think? A Minneapolis Dominatrix with her BEST of the Twin Cities naughty school girls.

The Smitten Kitten is an adult sex shop in Minneapolis that was at the City Pages "Best of the Twin Cities" party as well, with free treats! I have always supported Smitten Kitten for their place in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities kink community, and what they represent.
After meeting with some really wonderful people in the back which is where I spent most of the evening chatting and cavorting and having fun with flashlights and shot glasses. A man I met, who spoke
predominantly with hand gestures, with a few near misses to passer-byes. I guessed he was Italian, and found out he was Sicilian like me (part Spanish, Italian, and Sicilian). Watch out! Of course there is a bond between us Sicilians...
All in all it was a wonderful evening!
See you again next year,
M Sharina

Sharina Nicole Conducts Trampling Workshop for MSDB's

I had a very wonderful time giving my workshop on one of my favorite passions... TRAMPLING! The evening began with me asking a few questions like, How many people in the audience know absolutely nothing about trampling? (quite a few hands go up) How many of you have some experience in trampling? (not many hands go up) How many of you just came to watch someone get pummeled by a woman in heels? (quite a few hands went up on that last question!)

Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole puts her latex rubber slave kitty in his latex cat suit with strict rubber straight jacket bondage & inversion play

Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole puts her latex rubber slave kitty in his latex cat suit with strict rubber straight jacket bondage & inversion play

This is my favorite latex pet whom I have known for many years. His name has always been "latexcat". This is his very first time being inverted on the suspension system at the dungeon of Wrapture. It was very impressive that even though it was his very first time being suspended, my latex kitty had been up side down for more than 30 minutes. Stuffed with a rubber blow up gag in his mouth, and a latex blow up hood, he could not speak and he could not see.

Mistress Sharina with her fetish pet. Rubberized in latex bondage and suspended in total animation!

Mistress Sharina with her fetish pet. Rubberized in latex bondage and suspended in total animation!

I loved seeing my latex pet dangle from the suspension system in FULL RUBBER! There wasn't an inch of him that wasn't covered in latex rubber. He was further being tantalized by the butt plug that had been inserted.

Mistress Sharina's Rubber kitty Placed in a latex cat suit, tight rubber corset and rubber arm binders, as her fetish latex cat suffers more bondage!Mistress Sharina's Rubber kitty Placed in a latex rubber cat suit, tight rubber corset and rubber arm binders, as her fetish latex rubber cat suffers more bondage!

My rubber kitty cannot escape this! His arms are rubberized and pulled back so he cannot move an inch. His legs are spread with a spreader bar and he is in a tight fitting rubber corset!

With Mistress Sharina's rubber fetish pet disoriented in latex, rubber kitty poses in latex rubber boots, latex cat suit, and blow up rubber hood and latex blow up mouth gag.With Mistress Sharina's latex rubber fetish pet disoriented in latex, her rubber kitty poses in latex rubber boots, latex rubber cat suit, and blow up rubber hood and latex blow up mouth gag.

Hands cuffed behind his back, rubber kitty loves to pose for me. He doesn't even know what room he is in because of the blow up hood I am making him wear. His mouth is tightly fitted with a blow up gag, so the only thing my rubber kitty can do is make muffled sounds that sound like words. He is my rubber prisoner...

Mistress Sharina's Collared rubber fetishist 'Latex kitty', in full latex cat suit, latex blow up hood, rubber blow up gag and wrist cuffs.Mistress Sharina's Collared rubber fetishist 'Latex kitty', in full latex cat suit, latex blow up hood, rubber blow up gag and wrist cuffs.

My rubber kitty has no choice! AND, he depends on me for everything at this point. I am his eyes and ears and I take good care of him making sure that he looks pretty for his Mistress Sharina.

Leather and latex bound in bondage by Sharina while being rubber gagged and inverted on the suspension system.

Leather and latex rubber bound in fetish bondage by Mistress Sharina while being rubber gagged and inverted on the suspension system.

My rubber kitty couldn't pleasure himself even if he wanted to! Made to suffer in latex rubber, he has no idea when I will let him out of his latex rubber cocoon or when I will lower him down so that he may escape his up side down and disorienting bizarre fetish world.

Dominated, inverted, and rubber bound in fetish latex cat suit, kinky fetish straight jacket, rubber blow up hood and rubber blow up mouth gag.Dominated, inverted, and rubber bound in fetish latex cat suit, kinky fetish straight jacket, rubber blow up hood and rubber blow up mouth gag.

While my rubber kitty hangs helplessly, he wonders if he will be erotically released. I tease his rubber body and he cannot see me, taste me or feel me. He faintly hears the clicking of my stiletto high heels on the floor and his body twitches at attention hoping that I will touch him. I walk over, and touch him lightly as he swings back and forth from the dungeon's electric suspension system further disorienting him.

Dominatrix Sharina Nicole has strapped her submissive in a latex cat suit, latex straight jacket and fitted him with a fetish latex hood complete with rubber penis attachment.Dominatrix Sharina Nicole has strapped her submissive in a latex cat suit, latex straight jacket and fitted him with a fetish latex hood complete with rubber penis attachment.

I have objectified my rubber kitty and I fully intend to make use of him as his latex rubber hood is fitted with a pleasurable attachment. He lays there erotically suffering in his bizarre fetish latex cocoon not able to see me or lick me. His hood has only two very small nose holes, so when he isn't trying to breathe to smell me, he is trying not to suffocate.

Sharina Nicole's latex fetishist Rubber kitty is strapped down in a latex bondage bag with bungee cords to the suspension swing at the Dungeon of WraptureSharina Nicole's latex fetishist Rubber kitty is strapped down in a latex rubber bondage bag with bungee cords to the suspension swing at the Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, MN


Helplessly strapped down and immobilized with belts, my rubber kitty can only feel the sway of the suspension swing as he swings back and forth completely unable to move. I will let him out after I know he has suffered sufficiently.

Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole's Latex rubber slave in latex bondage bag.Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole's Latex rubber slave in latex bondage bag.

My latex rubber fetish slave kitty lays helplessly in his latex bondage bag, unable to move, erotically teased and bound until I let him out.

Transparent latex re-breather hood, rubber kitty suffering oxygen deprivationTransparent latex rubber re-breather hood, rubber kitty suffering oxygen deprivation

Placed in a transparent latex rubber re-breather hood, my rubber fetishist kitty suffers while I watch him blow air out of the small hole and breath air back into his re-breather hood. I watch him and in-between breaths, I erotically stimulate him into a frenzy!

Rubber Ball Latex Rubber Fetish Event in Minneapolis Minnesota for Latex Rubber Fetishists & Kinky Fetishists

The Minneapolis Rubber Ball was a latex intoxicating thrill ride! Dungeon Femme Fatale's very own Jean Bardot put on an amazing show and performance with her latex fashion show parading Vex's clothing, as well as her rubberized vignette of a latex clad nun disciplining a verrry naughty school girl. There was dancing and cavorting about the club and the rubber dollies from all over the world paraded around in their femme personas.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Who says Fantasies are TABOO?

I see the woods in the back of my house and I can't help but wonder what it would be like to hunt a slave down and when captured, drag him (or her) back to be toyed with and tortured...

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