October 4th, 2001

Well, I am off today! Soon, this dominatrix will be in London, with my latex kitty for the "Rubber Ball in London"!  I will be away for a week and will be ready to share with you some pictures when I return.  Life moves on and there is so much to be grateful for.  I'm wondering how I will drag my latex kitty back home with me when you are only allowed one carry on bag for the flight. (*very evil grin*) By the time we are ready to return home, he will be half suffocated, and smiling.

Feel free to leave a message on my voice mail, (Note the new number) as I will be sure to pick them up sometime after I return.

I am so excited...I am walking on air!

Latex kisses...

M Sharina (Dominatrix visiting London)




September 11th,2001

I would like to express my sincere condolences to all of the families whose lives have been touched by the events of the WTC attack.  My heart is heavy and sober in prayer for all of those who have been affected by this tragedy.

As it is that all of our lives do commingle, so shall it be that we may be of comfort to one another during this time of grief and loss.  May we work together through this time of transition with grace and fortitude. 

Peace be with you...
M Sharina


September 6th, 2001

Does one ever truly know who we brush up against when we are out and about in the world?  I mean wouldn't it really be something if we could just tell who lived our lifestyle in BDSM?  All those people walking around and not a single one has known the pleasure of a single tail whip licking at their bottom?  Certainly I jest, but it does make you wonder.  Let me tell you what happened to me the other day when I was shopping at a kitchen store.

I had picked up a few items, and I was ready to go through the check out line.  As miracles would have it, I managed to find myself at a counter with a clerk I had a commonality with.  She looked at my flat wood spatula with the holes and said, "You know, that would give a nice paddling!"  "Yesssss....the holes make a nice sting."  I commented.  Funny how as she had been looking down at the tickets ready to scan another, her eyes slowly looked up at me and she started to sparkle.  "I didn't know there would be anyone in here I would have that in common with!" she remarked.  She leaned in closer to me and said, "You know, there are some really nice pumice paddles in the back for your feet that sting really nice on the bottom..."  "Yes, I know, I carry the used ones in a play bag!"  As we both basked in the warm fuzziness of our own personal memories silently, we both realized where we were.

There I was thinking the nastiest thoughts right there at Linens and Things.  I had no idea "Things" would carry on such a meaning for me that day! Thoughts of taking my hands to her shirt and gently ripping off the buttons of her blouse so that I may drag kitchen utensils from far and wide all over the store and use them on her one by one were overwhelming me!  Oh look...there are those nipple clips! (for chips) and that little scrapper with the funny end. (lemon zester) and oh....the rolling pin with the pressed designs in it.  I would turn her around and place her neatly over the counter top where I would expose my hard dildo and penetrate her!

As she wrapped my package in a nice neat little bundle and placed it in the bag, she smiled sweetly at me.  I couldn't help but think what a wonderful secret we shared.  She probably knew exactly what I was thinking.  Sometimes I wear an evil grin...like a badge of honor.


Mistress Sharina

August 30th, 2001

As you know I have new pictures on the web site.  It was an impromptu photo shoot that my pet set up for me.  He set up latex sheets on the floor and behind me...shining them with latex shine.

As I walked upstairs and into the 3rd floor, the smell of the latex permeating the air was intoxicating to say the least.  It seems that my body went into autopilot from just the smell alone.  I had slipped into a latex cat suit only moments before and was shined up by my latex cat.  For me there is nothing more stimulating than to be naked under latex and zipped up into a cat suit!  The zipper curves right around my crotch bumping and zipping to my pelvis...such a wonderful sensation. (*sigh*)

I posed for a few pictures, but the digital camera didn't seem to be working properly, so while my pet was playing with the camera, I was able to entertain myself with my surroundings.  I looked over on the table right next to me and saw a rather large leather collar with silver rings, a few floggers and an exquisite stainless steel dildo (bondage) harness.  The dildo harness gave me an idea, I mean since I was in my latex and all shined up and feeling rather slippery...I thought, "hmmmm, maybe I should have some real fun while we take these photos!"  I looked over at my pet who was fidgeting with the camera and said, "Darling...go downstairs and fumble through my bag and find my inflatable penis."  He almost dropped his camera as he said meekly, "Yes Mistress!"

He returned with it all nice and clean, bowed his head and handed it to me.  "Mistress, as you asked..."  With my thumb and forefinger I started unzipping the zipper that was resting right above my pubic bone.  It felt nice as it glided around to the small of my back.  There was no need for any further lubrication so I inserted the small inflatable penis inside.  I glided the zipper back in place and slipped into a pair of small latex shorts with a hole for the tube.  I played with the orange plastic air release valve until it was closed and started to squeeze the bulb until the penis felt tight.  "Now you may take some pictures, pet."

With the full sensation of the inflatable penis, my shining cat suit and the sound of "The Crystal Method" filling the air...I was in latex heaven!  We took quite a few photos, about 150.

I had suffered all I could take at that point and ordered my pet to give me my vibrator.  The feeling of his little kitty paws on my latex smoothing it all out, and the sensation of the vibrator was just the most wonderful thing.  The rest of the world just disappeared, and I could feel my mouth open and my eyes closing tightly as an explosion of orgasm took over my body.  The penis contracted to my own body rhythm which sent me into an immediate wave of another orgasm. 

As I suddenly became more conscious, I gazed over at my pet who looked at me and smiled.

I have an idea what I'll be wearing at the next photo shoot...Maybe you'll see the pictures...who knows.


Sharina Nicole


August 29th, 2001

The body thoroughly amazes me.  It is awe inspiring what one can do with a body as well as what state a body can be put in.  As a Mistress working my craft in the art of BDSM, I receive the most pleasure inflicting pain.  There is no greater feeling to me than to see my slave's body beneath the heels of my feet after I have tortured him.  One might say that it would take a certain amount of cruelty to be such a sadistic Mistress.  Although this may be true, striking a balance is the bottom line.  A balance between safe play and testing the limits...That is why I would describe myself (if I had to in two words) as a nurturing sadist.  Let me show you what I mean.

I remember a scene I did with my latex pet.  The scene was a simple one really, but I think that is why it stands out over the years as one of my most enjoyable scenes because of it's simplicity.

I dressed my pet in a diaper, as I knew he would be in latex for quite awhile...I then slipped him into the latex bondage bag.  I slipped his arms into the inside arm sleeves and zipped him up the back.  I placed a blow up gag in his mouth and covered his head with a latex hood.  I wrapped large leather belts around his ankles, above the knees and chest.  He was lying on the floor over a futon mat. 

The only thing he had on the latex hood were two tiny nose holes for breathing.  I was very tired and needed sleep so I tucked my pet in for a few hours and went into the other room.  I just couldn't sleep!  I was worried that I wouldn't hear him if he was in trouble...maybe I would have slept right through him struggling for air and he'd be dead!  So I crawled over to where my pet laid sleeping and fell asleep beside him.  I had one leg over his body and my arm around his chest.  He was so nice and warm and the latex felt so good on my skin.  Every now and then I would wake up and wonder if he was breathing, so I would take my hand and slip it up over his face and cover the nose holes until he ran out of oxygen completely and struggled for air.  The joy of it all to me was that he never quite knew exactly when he would find himself in the middle of a dream, to be woken up with his air cut off and struggling for his life the next minute!  (*sigh*) I tortured him that way all night and through to the morning.

Finally, I decided to use my little pet for a bit more amusement, so I strapped a latex dildo to his face.  How wonderful to feel his warm body beneath mine as I straddled his face.  The only thing my pet could do was move his head up and down for my pleasure, smell me and listen to the sound of his Mistress in ecstasy. 

The joy for me was when he struggled for air.  The sound was intoxicating!  I would just lie there and smile, sometimes a giggle.  I also loved the fact that he lacked any specific identity as he was covered in latex from head to toe.  He was at my disposal and so eager to please me.

The pleasures of being a Mistress are many.  I will describe some of them to you in the days to come.  From the dreams I have to some of the scenes I do, to my shoe shopping escapades...and to what I receive when a slave gives me his loyalty, gratitude and unconditional devotion.

Until next time...

Sharina Nicole


August 24th, 2001

I would like this to be one of many communications along the way in your journey through this site. Eventually you will be hearing from me everyday.

I will begin simply by saying that there is no greater satisfaction for me than to render a body helpless and play with it.  To very carefully, little by precious little, take this body that I hold in my hands and create a journey.  I equate this to a cat playing with a mouse...Mistress being the cat in this case.

To methodically send me and my little mouse into a zone.  I don't often care what my mouse looks like only that I have fun with it.  I don't care if it's chubby, slender, missing a limb, or petrified of me.  I only care that it is conscious, clean and respectful.

I have been away on a few trips this year.  Last April I went to Amsterdam.  What a joy to walk into the store DAMASK.  The smell of latex was intoxicating!  I recently returned from California enjoying the beautiful weather in San Diego and walking the streets of West Hollywood and Santa Monica...The beaches were beautiful to say the least, but I had to leave my lifestyle at home.  Two weeks without S/M play.  How my hands ached to pick up a flogger.  To pick up the leather tails and fill my nose with the smell of leather was torturous to say the least! I longed to walk into my closet and see my shiny latex catsuit hanging just where I would see it when I returned.  Ahhhh...the smell of latex.  There is absolutely nothing like it in the world!

When I was in Amsterdam I did visit Damask 5 times.  The store sits right in this quaint little village where all the streets are like alleys.  I happened to find one of my very favorite toys right there in the basement level of the store behind locked glass. 

"May I see that one?"  I asked.  My eyes were shifting to see a nice variety of black latex dildos in the case.  But one looked especially interesting as it was thick in appearance and had a small ball sack.  When I picked it up to play with it I noticed a hole at the tip of the penis and small plastic straps to use as a strap on.  "What does this do ?"  I asked.  "Oh," said Marianna, the exquisitely charming sales associate who was helping me, "That's an ejaculating cock."  Maybe it was the way in which she said it, or possibly the smell of latex wafting through the air from the unlocked case...whatever it was, from then on my mind was like a record with a scratch!  Stuck only to think, "ejaculating cock...ejaculating cock...ejaculating COCK!"  Sometimes with more emphasis on ejaculating sometimes on the word cock.  (sigh)  Two very priceless words, and when you put them together...well for me, DASTARDLY!  So I bought two.

The latex clothing was amazing to say the least.  Putting on a latex corset for me is like coming home, only to a place I've never been before until now.  The look, the feel, the way the studs clink as I buckle up the seven straps in front.  Feeling steady pressure as the laces are pulled tight.  Outstretching my arms so that my latex pet may shine me up.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath, for I know this is where I belong.

At the beginning of October, I will be going to London, England to the greatest event of all...THE RUBBER BALL!  Life is good where you can live your lifestyle for a short period of time 24/7.  I always have the best scenes when I return from a BDSM trip.

So much to look forward to...and I will be sharing my escapades with you along the way.  Be patient, I am a very busy Mistress.  It is only a matter of time until I get my web site groove on...

Until then...sleep tight

Sharina Nicole