Floggapalooza at The Minneapolis Eagle & Bolt Underground for Minnesota Leather Pride during Gay Pride week

Floggapalooza for Minnesota Leather Pride at The Minneapolis Eagle & Bolt Underground

I love coming across mementos from events that I have enjoyed! I wanted to post this in the archives to honor the people I have met over the many years being part of a community. The Knights of Leather is an outstanding group of men and women who understand the leather lifestyle and it was my honor to have been asked to join them during leather Pride week at the Minneapolis Eagle /BOLT Underground.


Floggapalooza was such an incredible and fun event where like minded people come together to share. Many things take place in the connection from my flogger to the skin. My flogger becomes an extension of me and my energy. The electricity flows as the flogger's tails sweep across the body warming the skin in one fluid motion. The rest of the room disappears...


The room SWIRLED with energy, and I loved each and every minute.

-M Sharina