Fetish Party

UPDATE: It's July 2022, and I still think about a future when I may have another party...

Until then, visit my current sessions page!

Keep in touch!

-M Sharina Nicole


Previous Note:

I held my last Fetish Party in April 2016, and am no longer having my magnificent parties. Although they were phenomenal and there was literally NOTHING quite like them ANYWHERE (fetish clubs or fetish events elsewhere where much different), they also were a LOT of work. In them, I created a fantasy-like fetish lifestyle experience that incorporated countless elements that all came together to create an unforgettable fetish fantasy-like environment and kink experience. Many have contacted me expressing their gratitude for having them (still!), and many have understood that something so grand involves much work, planning, cost, preparation, etc.

I still miss having them, and perhaps may create something again in the future. Keep in touch, you never know what I might dream up and create next.  ;)

-M Sharina



Fetish Party Details

You are cordially and erotically to the Dungeon Femme Fatale Fetish Party!

I have created an entire evening dedicated to fulfilling your fetish fantasy at Dungeon Femme Fatale. A melange of Mistresses, Sirs will be in attendance to see that you are a viable play pet for their amusement!

A wonderful opportunity to explore and expand your horizons as a slave, submissive, sissy slut, forced feminization, toilet, pony boy, or an open minded couple looking for a new experience...
-Mistress Sharina

Note: There isn't a pre-determined time for the party to end. It ends when it ends.


  • You MUST have had at least ONE session with Mistress Sharina Nicole OR any one of the dominants that use Dungeon Femme Fatale.
  • You MUST have an E-mail address (you can acquire a free E-mail such as yahoo or hotmail) and then check your E-mail at an outside location (such as the local Public Library, Dunn Brothers, Caribou, Starbucks, etc.)
  • You must present your ID as it will be used ONLY for admittance to the party AND CONSENSUAL pictures taken, used in conjunction with a model release form. YOUR ANONYMITY IS IMPORTANT TO ME.
  • An application MUST be submitted prior to acceptance to EACH party.

ADDITIONAL: The date of the party is a SECRET until you fulfill the requirements AND your application is approved to attend.

Fetish Party Backstory . . .

Why did I create My fetish parties?

Nowhere in the world can you go and enjoy an entire evening that revolves around KINKY FETISH involving all of these components: Experienced Sirs & Mistresses in alluring fetish attire, multiple Mistress play...scene play with domme(s) and/or dom(s) as well as casual conversation, fetish play and voyeurism in an intimate dungeon setting exploring your secret kinky fantasies.

I have an excellent Chef and mixologist who creates sumptuous dishes and drinks. This has been a wonderful way for anyone to explore their fetish fantasies by utilizing all these elements and finding a commonality with each person invited to a party where it is safe to talk KINK!


Fetish Party Experiences and Thank You's!