TS Ms LillianUPDATE: Ts Ms Lillian and I have known each other for many years. She is a beautiful person, and I have always cherished our connection. She has been missed at Dungeon Femme Fatale, and I congratulate her on her skills as a Minnesota Consulting Hypnotist, and NLP Practitioner in the Twin Cities.


Ms Mya

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis & Saint Paul,  are the home of Minnesota Mistress Ms Mya. When I first began working with Ms Mya it was evident to me that she connected with kink. Fascinated with the way Dominance and submission feels, and finding her comfort zone over her submissive (or underneath the hands of her Mistress), has been a personal journey for her that continues to effectively fulfill a need and desire to turn herself over completely.

Minneapolis dominatrix Domina Christina bdsm dominationExotic in her beauty, Christina has eyes that hypnotize. She speaks with a sultry Spanish accent and carries herself with confidence and inner power. A Femme Fatale at heart, Domina Christina is a pre-op transsexual. She delights in holding her power over men. Her characteristics are completely feminine as a curvaceous, and sexy Latina Dominatrix.

Minneapolis Domination Mistress Harlow Mistress Sharina Nicole dominatrixUPDATE: Mistress Harlow has taken an indefinite leave of absence from domination.

Mistress Harlow is a very unusual dominant. Some of the things she has experience with are edgy and taboo like feederism and vomit fetish. She describes being a submissive as purely a primal pleasure, and being Dominant as mixing that pleasure with both an adrenaline rush of power and the satisfaction of perfect capability and confidence.

Minneapolis Goddess Laura at Dungeon Femme Fatale UPDATE: Laura is a wonderful person who leaves a warm and lasting impression on those around her. I appreciate her warmth, energy, and loving nature. She's a wonderful lady, and we've shared many fun times at Dungeon Femme Fatale. I think of her fondly. Goddess Laura is available on occasion with proper advance notice.

Lady Careina

UPDATE: Lady Careina has been a friend of mine for many years. I enjoyed her visits at Dungeon Femme Fatale, and congratulate her on her endeavors as a Minnesota Consulting Hypnotist, and NLP Practitioner in the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis domination Mistress KristinUPDATE: Mistress Kristin is great fun. Goddess Laura and I have shared some wonderful times with her at Dungeon Femme Fatale. I enjoy Mistress Kristin very much. Although Mistress Kristin is away on sabbatical, she will be available in the future for double Domme sessions with me, Sharina Nicole.

Mistress Mara of Minneapolis, Minnesota Dominatrix Domination

UPDATE: Mara  was at Studio Femme Fatale for a very brief time. I enjoyed her comical sense of humor. She is one of the performers of a show at Bondage-A-Go-Go / Bondage a go go at Ground Zero Nightclub on occasion, and Kinky Fridays at the Gay 90's Bar once a month.


Domina Carmen of Dungeon DeydiaUPDATE: I was saddened to hear of Domina Carmen's passing. My condolences to her partner, friends and family and those who loved her. She was an amazing woman and will always be remembered.

Domina Carmen used to live in Minneapolis before moving to Seattle (and ultimately Switzerland). When she would visit the Twin Cities, she would visit my studio.


I had known Domina Carmen for many years...She was a lovely, talented, spiritual, and very experienced Dominatrix. I miss her.

UPDATE: The infamous Jean Bardot (aka The Rubber Mistress) is an international touring fetish model, and has been featured in various fetish films as well as the cover of fetish magazines.

Mistress Jean BardotUPDATE: The infamous Jean Bardot (aka The Rubber Mistress) is an international touring fetish model, and has been featured in various fetish films as well as the cover of fetish magazines.

Mistress KUPDATE: Mistress K loved mouse traps! She had a dream and is now a post-op transsexual and resides in New York.

Domme Delilah of BostonUPDATE: Domme Delilah is the creator of the blog "Advice and Consent" where she writes a weekly advice column in addition to stories, thoughts, and arguments about BDSM. Very intelligent woman...

Mistress Bettina ThorneUPDATE: Bettina Thorne was such an amazing lady and quite talented in many ways. She is also known as Betty LaRude, for the North Star Roller Girls, a classic Roller Derby Queen!

Mistress Mira SternUPDATE: Mira Stern was an interesting lady who's expertise and interests were in Shibari rope bondage. She is now a Hypnotic Domme on FemDomEroticHypnosis.com

Ms PatrisUPDATE: Ms Patris is following her dream of being a full time gurly femme. By the end of 2011, she became a post-op transsexual. We will always be friends.

Sir Paul SFUPDATE: Sir Paul is a leather Daddy to a very special boy here in Minneapolis.

Madame C of SwitzerlandUPDATE:It is with great sadness that Madame C passed away from health complications of leukemia. She was the pillar of health otherwise, entering into body building competitions and ranking in the top 3. She was an incredible person inside and out and my heart goes out to anyone who was fortunate enough to engage in any way with her. She was dynamic, unique, extremely intelligent, and possessed wisdom that affected those around her. I will miss her deeply...and so will her little dog Flex.