Madame C of SwitzerlandUPDATE:It is with great sadness that Madame C passed away from health complications of leukemia. She was the pillar of health otherwise, entering into body building competitions and ranking in the top 3. She was an incredible person inside and out and my heart goes out to anyone who was fortunate enough to engage in any way with her. She was dynamic, unique, extremely intelligent, and possessed wisdom that affected those around her. I will miss her deeply...and so will her little dog Flex.


Madame "C" was the most multifaceted woman winning 3rd place in a body building competition in Switzerland where she resided. She was an extraordinary Mistress and friend.

Madame C of Switzerland performed domination at Mistress Jacquie's Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, MN.

Madame "C" was originally from Switzerland. Besides being European and bilingual, she had traveled all over the world. Throughout the year, she traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between. She was a dedicated body builder and knows quite a bit about health and nutrition. She knew how to administer physical training and discipline, and not only was skilled in the art of BDSM play, but was a licensed physical trainer.

I first met Madame C many years ago (around 1999). What struck me so much about her when we first met, was how expressive she was. She was very dedicated and detail oriented when it came to S/m play. With her outstanding skills in traditional slave training, she was completely present at all times and would train her submissives in intricate detail how they were to worship and serve her.

Skilled in the area of corporal punishment, Madame C enjoyed flogging, single tail whipping, paddling and caning. Her wide range of role play ability had no gender limit, which meant she could accomplish many different forms of role play scenarios. She could be a school boy or school girl as well as a strict head Mistress, a boot camp trainer, or a German doctor with the capacity for intense interrogation scenes and mind torture.
Madame C also enjoyed boot worship as well as high heel worship and foot worship. and had accompanied me in some of my trampling sessions. She also brought a broad spectrum of sensuality play and severity to any session and was quite methodical in her approach. Among the sharper forms of domination, Madame C was proficient in knife play, needle play and could do intricate cuttings on her slaves.