First off THANK YOU for filling the kink void with your stories!

I miss playing so much, and I love it when you FEED MY FERTILE AND DIRTY MIND.

-M Sharina




I'm a submissive, edge playing masochist...that is bi curious. I'd like to end up being sold, used by men. Multiple men, for a woman's enjoyment, arousal.

Sharina Commentary:
Ok, so I am not posting the entire fantasy, just the first paragraph. The way it's written is forthright and evokes a fantasy in me to have a true slave ("Do as you please with me Mistress.") and I totally use every single piece of my slave, mind, body holes, assigned to be used, farmed out while I watch, hands, ass, mouth and surface skin used, and why not? I own you. You think of nothing else but pleasing me and providing me with visuals which I thrive on. My appetite is big, I'm hungry to watch and see how far I can make you go and I train you to do so.



A remote cabin in the woods on a cold, snowy night.  A roaring fire crackling in the stone fireplace...a large, overstuffed soft leather chair in front of the fireplace. The only light in the room is provided by said fire. Me bent over the back of the chair, ankles tied to the large chunky legs of the chair...hands tied together and secure to the front of the chair. A large, red ball gag shoved into my mouth, my whimpers are barely audible over the roar of the fire. I struggle to lift my head, but when I do, I see you outfitted in a black corset and stockings and heels standing next to the fire with your strap-on cock in one hand and a large bottle of lube in the other!!!!

Sharina Commentary:
I confessed about my IM exchanges and strapping someone over a sofa for a good "rogering", which had "slave lexi" paint a picture. What stimulates my mind, is not only using my big strapon cock, but making my slave suck it hard before a blow-up gag is placed in "her" mouth. Wrists are tied of course, pretty petticoat waiting for me to lift as I ready myself for plowing. PILE DRIVING IN THE LIGHT OF THE FIREPLACE. When I fill her, I squeeze the bulb and her mouth fills. She's my DAMSEL IN STRAP-ON DISTRESS!!!