Sharina Nicole Celebrating Jean Bardot's BirthdayIt was a warm evening in of many sleepless nights I would have dreaming of her beautiful stockinged legs completely ripped to shreds!

For those of you who weren't privy to know, the lovely Mistress Jean celebrated her birthday on July 1st!

I must tell you that the lovely Jean...

lovelier than most, not just because of her obvious beauty, but because she carries with it such girlish charm when she chooses. School girlish charm, but don't be fooled or mistaken by her disarming playfulness...she will lure you into her web and before you know it, you are in need of a paramedic!

I showed up at a place in Minneapolis called "Ground Zero". It is a place which has a chair upstairs where those who wish, can put themselves into the careful and unnerving hands of a dominatrix! Well, on this particular evening, we were to be celebrating the day in which a very special woman was born and has graced the earth for 16 years...okay, she is a little older than that, but one could never tell, especially in that little school girlie outfit she so deviously wore...
Well, I spied her from across the room and as she approached...hugs, kiss, and a point to a southerly direction of one Mistress Jean's thigh high girlie stocking.
Sharina Nicole Celebrating Jean Bardot's Birthday
"Look" she innocently says to me. "I have a run in my stocking!" Knowing I have a fetish for stockings with a run, she deliberately set out to exploit my weakness! I must say that I tried to be nice, I tried to smile and be sweet, but the pressure was too much to take. I slowly lost control of myself...and my mind very early on in the evening only to recover from my stocking ripping stupor the next day.

Let me pause here briefly to describe to you what kind of fetish I have for runs in stockings.
I'm driving down one of the streets in Edina, and my car slows to a stop in traffic. I look over at a sales woman walking around in a store (I am looking at her from inside my car and through the glass) and I really don't know how I saw it, but she had a runner in her stocking. I began to fantasize about what it would be like to walk in, hunt her down, pin her to the floor and slowly rip her stockings to shreds!

Then another time, I was in the grocery store minding my own business, shopping for treats, when my eye caught a woman's stockings that had a run. This woman was an elderly lady and sad but true, all I could think about was pinning her to the ground so I could hear the lovely sound of her stockings being ripped!

(sigh) Okay, back to Jean...

So she teases me with this run that I can't even really shred because it is a pair of those sock style thigh highs. White, cute and girlie, but tough as nails to run. Eventually things turned around when someone (bless his little heart) handed me a pocket knife! JOY! Dreams do come true! Soooooo, I spent a good portion of time making nicety nice with Jean's lovely legs and stockings.Sharina Nicole Celebrating Jean Bardot's Birthday
Sharina Nicole Celebrating Jean Bardot's Birthday
Psssssst...she was also wearing a special pair of panties that was hooked up to a remote control device and vibrated. So when you look at the pictures I have posted here for you, with Mistress Jean's permission, I want you to know that I could feel the vibrations permeating from her lap as I sat on her lap in a kind of twisted frenzy! It was lovely and I could have sworn it was my birthday too, although that was on May 29, but what did I care. I was having the best birthday treat ever! Notice the lipstick print just below the cross that lies on my chest...
Sharina Nicole Celebrating Jean Bardot's Birthday
One more thing...I can't tell you how much I love the lightheartedness of this magnificent woman. She is a treasure to anyone who knows her. She is not only one of the most beautiful women on the planet, her grace is intoxicating. And while she is playful and quite wicked, she holds a sense of dignity and strength.
Sharina Nicole Celebrating Jean Bardot's Birthday
Mistress Jean has become quite a visitor to Dungeon Femme Fatale. I have included her in many of my sessions over the years.
In the meantime...enjoy the pics!Sharina Nicole Celebrating Jean Bardot's Birthday