Minneapolis Femdom Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole kneeling with slave I am Minneapolis Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole, The Femme Fatale of Worldly Fantasies and The Royal Queen of Discipline....skilled in the art of Femdom, Fetish, Corporal punishment, Medical, Trampling Extremist, Sensory Deprivation and many other forms of BDSM play.

POWER-PLAY: (What are you holding behind your back Mistress?)

I am methodical and deliberate in my approach to Sadomasochistic play, and I enjoy nothing more than rendering a body helpless and having My way with it. I believe in TRUE EROTIC POWER EXCHANGE and the ability to facilitate transformation whether it comes in the form of forced feminization, body modification or a chemical change that occurs when endorphins are released into the system and EUPHORIA IS RUNNING RAMPANT.

I am a NURTURING SADIST, I love many aspects of BDSM. When asked for my favorites, it usually leads me into a MELANGE OF JUICY THOUGHT, one leading directly into the next like dominoes.

I WILL EXPLORE YOUR LIMITS as a novice, experienced slave, submissive or bottom. I am also open to, and have educated couples interested in exploring BDSM play together, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

METHODS:  (*Mistress SMILES*)

I balance my natural inclination towards being sadistic AND nurturing and I adore it when I can co-mingle the two. I thoroughly LOVE rendering a body helpless through inescapable mummification bondage coupled with oxygen deprivation. I also consider latex and rubber play an art form as well as an expression of my more sadistic, yet methodical approach to S/M play, EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO PAIN INVOLVED.To torture a helpless body who has been strapped down tightly and made to endure MY teasing is THE BEST!

FOOT WORSHIP gives me a sexual charge and I derive great pleasure and satisfaction from combining foot worship and unusual techniques for trampling into a session. I have quite an EXTENSIVE COLLECTION of, boots, sling backs, pumps, sandals, wedgies...you name it! I also have TACK shoes with sharpie tacks embedded on the underside of the shoe.  I have BZ heels which leave delicious holes on the flesh, AND my favorite 5 point crown SHREDDERS, AND a selection of needle heels...

FORCED FEMINIZATION REQUIRES COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION. As a cross dresser, transvestite or EXPLORING transgendered male to female, I believe it is important to portray an authentic self on the outside as well as on the inside whether I turn you into my lesbian female, sissy, maid or slut.

I AM METHODICAL IN MY PLAY and find much pleasure in bringing the body into an unfamiliar, but comfortable zone. I AM A POWERFUL MISTRESS WITH A SOMEWHAT PLAYFUL SIDE and I co-mingle whatever emotion is necessary for any given moment. I believe that BDSM is a lifestyle to the degree of which I choose AND co-create. I respect limits, yet always willing to test them.

-M Sharina Nicole


Happy Birthday to Minneapolis Dominatrix Mistress Sharina Nicole! May 29th


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Mistress Sharina Nicole's Amazon Wishlist 

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