Rubber Ball Latex Rubber Fetish Event in Minneapolis Minnesota for Latex Rubber Fetishists & Kinky Fetishists

The Minneapolis Rubber Ball was a latex intoxicating thrill ride! Dungeon Femme Fatale's very own Jean Bardot put on an amazing show and performance with her latex fashion show parading Vex's clothing, as well as her rubberized vignette of a latex clad nun disciplining a verrry naughty school girl. There was dancing and cavorting about the club and the rubber dollies from all over the world paraded around in their femme personas.

I enjoyed a more secluded and intimate area where I was able to perform an energy pull with 18 gage needles. I inserted 8 on the chest, 6 of which were attached to cords and 6 on the back, also attached to cords. At one point in the evening I had my very good friend Cynthia, pull the cords in my slave's back, while I pulled the cords from the chest. It was wonderful to see my slave's eyes roll and glaze over. It was tremendously erotic and very energy shifting. In this experience, a person may release a lot of energy, and in doing so, puts the body in an altered state.

I gave my naughty girl heather a of which she deserved for thinking her very naughty and slutty lesbian thoughts! My little debbie was wearing her new heels and took a bit of a tumble which caught a runner in her knee
which I exploited later on in the evening. Runners in nylons give me an evil curve.

I enjoyed a rather bright and intense burst of fire-play on the chest of my slave with flash cotton. His anticipation and my igniting his chest a flame was magnificent!

My loyal slave mike was at my feet and my mercy as I progressed from my high heel foot dangle over his head to some incredibly intense 5 point shredder heels that I chose for my strappy heels. I screw the heels onto my shoe like I'm loading a gun and then I annihilate with a deliberate crushing of my heel to his chest while standing...then jumping. He looks like he has chicken pocks today!

It was a wonderful evening, I enjoyed myself immensely.

I would like to thank a few people for making the evening so enjoyable:

Jean Bardot
"Kiss Frenchy"
Ms Patris
slave mike
slave joel
slave mike P
Prince Michael (Happy Birthday!!)
Ken & Mary
Charger Pony
Sergeant Major
Ms Lori
Mistress Kellie
Ms Melissa
Ms Mya

It is always remarkable the wonderful people that surround me. Kisses to you all...

Mistress Sharina Nicole

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Subject:TONIGHT! Join me at The Saloon in Minneapolis! Monday Night Fun!

Sorry I missed this. Will this be repeated?
Also, you looked soooo hot Saturday night at Rubber Ball!
Thanks much!

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Thank you very much Bob!
One never knows where Mistress Sharina will appear next, so keep your eyes and ears standing at attention at all times! I do know that although a date has not been set in stone, I will be conducting a workshop for a group called MSDB with their "LAB" series, on TRAMPLING: Sensual and Sadistic! Their web site at the time of the event was:
The Rubber Ball was tremendous FUN, and I met some really wonderful people at the Saloon!
It would have been lovely if you had come over to me and said, "Hi," I don't bite...much.
M Sharina





Rubber Ball Fetish Kink . . . Hot in Latex

The Minneapolis Rubber Ball was fantastic! I brought the largest suitcase I have and filled it with lots of stuff from my dungeon. It took me an hour to pack it and even longer to put everything away. I am a stickler for things being clean, inside and out and they must be organized.
The evening was very rubbery, as you can imagine. My dear friend and rubber fetishist, Jean Bardot was there. In fact she organized the entire evening. Everyone seemed to be latex clad and feeling deliciously sensual.

I wore my black Murray and Vern latex corset with the cream piping and my latex pencil skirt that laced up the side with no panties. It occurred to me that the idea of being turned on while I was playing with someone, and the tell tale trickle of my own juices may just give me away.
This is what latex does to me, panties or no panties, just to be encased in it somehow. Actually, when I wear my latex panties, I get warm and juice up, and am powerless over the feeling. In fact, if I have worn latex panties, and the feeling is just right, between my legs, I take them off and slip the crotch over my nose and into my mouth.
I brought these latex boots that I had my slave put on me, only after I had trampled him with my needle heels and stood on his face. I then allowed him to worship them completely. I can imagine how nice it must have been for him to feel his tongue slip up the side of each boot knowing that my hot and sweaty feet were inside. I can only begin to tell you how much of a foot fetishist my slave mike W is.

During the evening, I pierced yet another slave mike (mike P), with 18 gauge needles. I attached cords to the needles and my wonderful friend Cynthia and I lead him through the crowd. I brought him back downstairs and strapped him helplessly to my gurney. slave mike P is a very tall man. He has such a sweet face and when I put my leather head harness on him, he reminds me of "Pin Head" in the movie Hellraiser, only the pins are needles in his chest. I pulled the cords up over his head and I attached them to the gurney. I then made a nice design with treated cotton around his chest and nipples. I then lit it on fire and the crowd watched it FLASH!

It was a wonderful evening...and as I felt myself drift off to sleep that night, I couldn't help but wonder how many others that evening had a trickle running down the inside of their leg, only to go unnoticed as it pooled on the floor.

Dreams are made of, RUBBER!

Mistress Sharina Nicole



Blogger mike p said...

slave mike p writes -- the entire evening was a total rush in my head and body, from the third needle that Mistress drove home and the uncontrollable sweety dizzying flush that took over my body to the eye rolling oposing strains that Mistress and Cynthia put on my body by pulling this slave around through the venue to the seemly whispering voices i heard over my roped torched and stretched body on the gurny, it all seemed a dream i did not want to end.
thank you Mistress -- slave mike p

Sunday, May 3, 2009 8:30:00 AM PDT
Blogger Sharina Nicole said...

When I brought you upstairs, I knew it would give you a little extra tweak! I loved putting you on display enjoying the latex festivities from all over the club.

I have lots of things I would love to do to you AND I would like to get it on High Definition. Those balls of yours will be tested...first with that heavy steel contraption you made for me. I LOVE IT, and it weighs...? 5 pounds? Balls stretched down to your ankles, and you know eventually, that's just where they will end up.

See you soon,

M Sharina

Monday, May 4, 2009 10:26:00 AM PDT