Mistress Jacquie's Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, Minnesota business card 1

 Mistress Jacquie's Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, Minnesota business card 2


A very good friend of mine was cleaning out her closet and found these two studio cards from the Dungeon of Wrapture (formerly located in Saint Paul, Minnesota). Thank you Mistress Kristin!  
The cards are so interesting, as you can see. They bring back lots of fond memories for me. Perhaps a bit of proof reading was in order as the website address' url was incorrectly spelled: Wapture.org instead of Wrapture.org. I wonder how many people went to the wrong website!
I met Head Mistress Jacquie of the Dungeon of Wrapture in May of 1996. Not a cliche', she was slender with long blond hair and seemed more a country girl than anything else. My first mentor, who became a friend and a sister.
Located in Saint Paul, MN, the minute I walked into the Dungeon of Wrapture, I felt like I was home, only to a place I'd never been. The walls were covered with toys and the smell of the dungeon was intoxicating with leather and the faint waft of incense. I used her studio for 7 years.
I will never forget that feeling, as I stood there in the middle of the "Dungeon of Wrapture" for the very first time.

Mistress Sharina at Dungeon of Wrapture in Saint Paul, MN

For a few more pictures from that era, you can see me playing with my latex kitty in my archives titled: Latex Training and Breath Play with Sharina Nicole


M Sharina