Mr Thomas of Minneapolis, Minnesota Male Dom BDSM DominationBDSM Leather Dom Mr Thomas is a very good friend, and pillar in the BDSM community here in Minneapolis. Mr Thomas is known nationally as Mr Olympus 2000 as well as the first runner-up American Leatherman 2002. He is also Chancellor on the board to The Knights of Leather.

To describe the energy involved in a session with Mr Thomas, HE COMBINES A MIX OF EROTIC TORMENT WITH PAIN INTENSITY, and has an inclination to ramp his bottoms up quickly, taking frequent "passion breaks" during the course of a scene. In addition to the sessions we have experienced together, I HAVE WATCHED HIM PLAY WITH MEN AS WELL AS WOMEN, and have enjoyed his somewhat intense but methodical approach to S/m play. Mr Thomas has the keen ability to adapt whatever play is necessary in order to create the outcome he, or his submissive or bottom is looking for.

Very experienced in flogging, sounds, abrasion, clamps, clips, clothespins,
spanking.paddling, whipping, cock and ball torture, tit torture, anal play, piss play, mummification, and different kinds of electrical play in addition to unusual forms of domination such as punching, he is skilled in the art of role play, MR. THOMAS IS A MASTER OF THE MIND FUCK.  Whether it is simple role play or an intense interrogation scene, the dynamics of being put in this type of fantasy is genuine and full of depth and quite enjoyable. He also has experience with and enjoys, fisting, breath play, bondage and humiliation.

To experience the energy that this skilled dominant brings to a session is not to be missed. If you are open to experience, in addition to STRETCHING YOUR LIMITS AND TURNING YOURSELF OVER you will have an experience that will be indelible in your memory for a very long time.

Appointments may be arranged in advance with Mr Thomas. He is available one on one or with me, Sharina Nicole. Please contact me for additional information at 952-943-9789 or E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.