Ms PatrisUPDATE: Ms Patris is following her dream of being a full time gurly femme. By the end of 2011, she became a post-op transsexual. We will always be friends.


I have known Ms Patris as long as I have been a pro domme. We became friends when I began using the dungeon Wrapture. Personable from the beginning, I have treasured our friendship immensely and throughout the years have not only known her as my wonderful friend, but a seasoned player in the arena of BDSM play.

Tall and slender with quite the look of a fetish femme, she has many beautiful tattoos encircling her panty line and all around to her backside making the mark of someone truly feminine. Self described as a *Transvestite, Ms Patris enjoys sessions where she is dominant, as she adds quite an edge to any humiliation session. However, as a switch, I have rarely seen anyone take as much corporal punishment as she can at one time...her object of choice would be the one I have introduced her to: the cane.

Naturally submissive, her ability to place herself in any given situation where she may acquiesce to her dominant is thrilling. In a session as a dominant herself, one never knows what will spark her interest or how she will decide to torture you. After all...she has been on both sides of the cane. Respecting limits, at the same time taunting and moving you as close to the edge as possible is something she is quite good at. She enjoys humiliation and making one feel small and used. She enjoys forced feminization, dildo training, golden showers and forced bi sessions as well as accompaniment on outings where we go out to a trans friendly bar for some outside play.

She will be seen only in addition to Myself for your session. If you would like to include Ms Patris in your session, please contact me, Sharina Nicole for more information.

*Main Entry: trans·ves·tite
Pronunciation: tran(t)s-'ves-"tIt, tranz-
Function: noun
Date: circa 1922
: a person and especially a male who adopts the dress and often the behavior typical of the opposite sex especially for purposes of emotional or sexual gratification